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WWE: Paige, Alberto Del Rio suspended

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Wednesday was a rough day for two WWE superstars. It seems that both Alberto Del Rio and Paige who are a couple in real life were both suspended today after they both violated the WWE’s Wellness Programs for the first time.

Alberto Del Rio was initially with WWE from 2008- 2014. He left the company after having a run in with a WWE employee backstage. From that point until Hell in the Cell 2015, he would be in AAA. He came back to WWE in October of 2015 to win the United States Championship from John Cena at Hell in the Cell and has not done anything memorable. He was put in the failed faction known as League of Nations with Sheamus, Rusev, and Wade Barrett. It’s been reported recently that Alberto Del Rio and Triple H are having issues backstage. It has gotten to the point that Triple H is telling Vince McMahon not to resign him once his contract is up in the Fall.

On the other side, Paige has been with WWE since 2012. She was the inaugural WWE NXT Woman’s champion as she defeated Emma. Once she made her unannounced main roster debut on the night after Wrestlemania 30, she made history in becoming the youngest woman’s champion as she defeated AJ Lee. She would hold the title one more time. In 2015, she was credited with the beginning stages of the Divas Revolution. Her last match was on June 27th when she would tag with Sasha Banks against Charlotte and Dana Brooke. She has not been on TV since due to a back and shoulder injury.

If you look at both incidents as separate wrestlers, I see Paige returning, and I see Alberto Del Rio finding work in other wrestling promotions. Since they are dating and made it clear that they hated being put on different brands, I am curious to see what happens with Paige. If she does walk away from WWE, I feel like WWE screwed up big time. Even though they have talented women between Raw and Smackdown, she could be on the woman with a major part in the Raw side. If you look at the top 3 women wrestlers right now on RAW, you have Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and then in a way distance third you can say, Nia Jax. WWE will be foolish to allow Paige to leave WWE.

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