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WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar leaving


November 26, 2016

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The current vibe in the sports entertainment world is that one of the bigger WWE superstars may be bolting the WWE and making a return into the MMA World. The superstar being mentioned to be leaving is Brock Lesnar. Its unsure at the moment what Brock Lesnar would do, but the feeling is that he will either just leave the company or possibly pursue a full-time MMA career.

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The latest reports still remain unconfirmed, but there is now this feeling that Lesnar will more than likely make his final appearance next year. There have been some fans of the WWE universe who have gone to speculate that Lesnar’s devastating defeat at the hands of Bill Goldberg at this past Survivor Series may be indication the Vince McMahon and company are planning on cutting ties with Brock Lesnar and are looking at one of the younger stars to replace him.

Some names that come to mind as possible replacements are Cesaro, Braun Strowman, and Kevin Owens as wrestlers who are apart of the current young crop who could replace him.

While there are some who are thinking that Brock Lesnar and WWE are going to be parting ways soon, there are others who are thinking that he may be planning a return to the octagon and become a full-time fighter in the UFC. Brock Lesnar recently made his long awaited return to UFC 200 in Las Vegas over the summer in which he defeated Mark Hunt.
Brock Lesnar, now 39 years old, first left the WWE in 2004 to make an attempt at playing in the National Football League.

The Minnesota Vikings would end up giving him a shot and cutting him very quickly. Once the football attempt would end up failing, he would turn his attention to the UFC and over a short time, would end up becoming one of the biggest names in UFC.

As it has been reported through various wrestling sites, he still has one more match left in his current WWE deal. The last 2016 match for Brock Lesnar will take place on December 3rd at a house show in Mexico City where he ends up facing Rusev. It should be noted that he has no scheduled matches as of this writing.

I would like to be clear, the rumors about Brock Lesnar leaving WWE are just speculation and WWE may be able to pull something off so that they don’t lose one of there biggest attractions in a long time. Stay tuned as we will have the latest on the possibility of Lesnar leaving the WWE.

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