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WWE Rumors: Could we be getting John Cena/Samoa Joe feud on RAW after Summerslam

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As it is known that John Cena is set to join the Raw roster after Summerslam. However, once he officially moves over to the red brand, what do you do with him?

There is one possible theory that has been floating around the rumor mill that could answer that question. The rumor is that we could be looking at a feud between John Cena and Samoa Joe. These two were expected to feud heading into Wrestlemania 33, where Samoa Joe would end up putting John Cena on the shelf for a few months. However, those plans ended up getting canned at the last minute as John Cena ended up feuding with the Miz heading into Wrestlemania 33.

As I am thinking about this possible feud, it has its benefits and downfalls. One of the benefits is that we get to see these two stars clash in a feud that was fifteen years in the making. However, this could also be the WWE’s attempt to drum up ticket sales. It is typical that the WWE tends to see a bit of a downfall in attendance after Summerslam, but a Cena/Joe feud could help those out big time.

If the WWE does finally decide to pull the trigger on this fantasy feud. it will be interesting to see how they go about booking this feud. Samoa Joe is set to be involved in the fatal four way for the WWE Universal title at Summerslam. It is expected that Joe probably won’t be winning the belt, so the WWE will need something for him to do. While feuding with John Cena does take Samoa Joe out of the title picture for the time being, it doesn’t take him out of the main event scene at all. Also if he is able to win the feud, it could help his character even more going into 2018.

This is a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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