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WWE Rumors: John Cena not set to win WWE title at Summerslam

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The feeling among the WWE fan base is John Cena will defeat Shinsuke Nakamura to become the Number One contender for the WWE title. While people feel that he will come out of Brooklyn, that may not be the case right now.

One reason is that he is advertised for more Raw shows than Smackdown heading into the fall. Why would the WWE put the belt on him to have him go to Raw. Unlike when they had the US belt or IC belt go to the other show, you can have the other one.  We saw this when Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens switch brands. In regards to the WWE title, you don’t have a title to return.

Personally, I am good not having John Cena win at Summerslam, you can help Jinder Mahal. The WWE sees potential in Mahal and have shown that in how they have invested money and TV time in him. Also it helps that Jinder Mahal’s wins as the WWE champion are Randy Orton and John Cena.

While I don’t expect Mahal’s reign to last much longer, it will be a big moment. The Cena/Mahal feud is your typical Americans foreigner feud. The good guy (the American) goes over the heel (foreigner). We saw this for a long time like Hogan/Sheik, Slaughter/Warrior (when Slaughter became an Iraqi sympathizer), Cena/Rusev, and others. In most of them the good guy goes over.

I am hoping that the WWE doesn’t continue that trend and they let the foreigner win. Another thing that people should look at is you need to start establishing new talent that can help the company years to come. Unfortunately, John Cenas time is running out and the WWE can not wait to establish new top wrestlers. You can build Jinder Mahal to be a top heel.

This is only a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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