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As Monday Night Raw came to an end earlier this week, we saw the Undertaker make his return to TV and begin his Wrestlemania plans. The closing segment saw Braun Strowman call out Roman Reigns after Reigns gave Strowman his first career loss. As Strowman would call Reigns out, the Undertakers music hit and he made his creepy walk to the ring. Then Reigns would end up coming to the ring and this would lead the two to a have a stare down for few minutes. [Jon] It has been known since the Royal Rumble that Roman Reigns and Undertaker are going to clash at Wrestlemania. However, there have been rumors floating around about either a special angle being put on this match or a special stipulation to the match. According to several sites, WWE officials are having discussions behind the scenes about adding a possible retirement angle to this match. It is known that the Undertaker probably won’t be wrestling much longer and his time is coming to end soon and the WWE wants him to help build a new star. Right off the back, I can safely say that there is no WWE fan who wants to see Roman Reigns be the one to retire the Undertaker. The only way people won’t be that upset about it is if the WWE turns Roman Reigns heel. However, while it would be great to turn Roman Reigns heel, I don’t see WWE turning him heel. They have had many opportunities to turn him heel and they didn’t. WWE is pushing him to be the guy to replace John Cena. I am waiting to see people complain when this happens and WWE doesn’t turn Roman Reigns heel because they are pushing Roman Reigns to be the next John Cena. It is expected that this match will become official over the next few weeks before Wrestlemania 33. It should be worth noting that Wrestlemania is less than a month away and a lot of the matches are not official yet.

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