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WWE Rumors: A UK Wrestler to join Triple H’s new heel faction


March 16, 2017

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Since we saw the main roster debut of Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens turned on Chris Jericho after talking with Triple H, there has been speculation that we could be seeing a new heel faction after Wrestlemania. The rumors have been saying that it would be Triple H as the leader, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens. However, there have been people within the WWE Universe who have been trying to figure out who the fourth member could be.


There has been names thrown around lately. However, the two most popular ones areĀ  Finn Balor and The Revival ( Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson). However, there happens to be one name that has been thrown around as a possibility. If this superstar happens to be the fourth member, it will be interesting. There are several sites that are throwing the name of Pete Dunne as the fourth member of Triple H’s new heel faction. In case you have no idea who Pete Dunne happens to be, he was one of the participants in the 1st WWE United Kingdom Tournament.

This would be rather interesting after Pete Dunne caused a lot of problems when he attacked Tyler Bate after the first day of the tournament. The speculation of it being Pete Dunne as the fourth member became rampant after Pete Dunne used Triple H’s signature finishing move called the Pedigree. Since their has been a ton of rumors floating around about this, the one thing I am very curious to see is the name that they go with. This won’t be the first time that Triple H is in a faction as he was in Evolution and DX. Also Samoa Joe is no stranger to being in a faction as he was in the Main Event Mafia while he was in TNA.

Let us know in the comments below if you are looking forward to this new heel faction?

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