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WWE Rumors: War Machine could be joining Adam Cole in NXT

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It seems that Ring of Honor has essentially been the breeding grounds for the WWE. It was Ring of Honor who put guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan on the map. We also saw the likes of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Seth Rollins, Cesaro, and others. We have also seen a huge influx in Ring of Honor superstars recently join the WWE. In the last few months, we have seen Rodrick Strong, Bobby Fish, Nigel McGuniess, Steve Corino, and Kyle O’ Riley (set to debut in a few weeks) appear on WWE.

It is now reported that the WWE is expecting to see Adam Cole appear in NXT soon. However, Adam Cole is not alone. There now seems to be reports that the tag team of War Machine has been talking to the WWE. There contract has expired. If they do join the WWE, I hope they start off in NXT before joining the main roster. The tag team division of NXT has been rendered obsolete since Wrestlemania. After Wrestlemania, we saw the Revival get the call up to the main roster and the end of #DIY. As of this writing, the tag team picture for NXT is Authors of Pain, Heavy Machinery,, and Sanity (Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe).

If the WWE is able to bring in War Machine by either the end of 2017 or early 2018, they would help the tag team division a lot. I would love to see them have a collusion course with the Authors of Pain. While you probably won’t see a lot of high moves due to how big all four of those superstars are, the ground game would be great. However, I don’t feel they should be in NXT for a long time as they are worthy of being on the main roster, due to what they have accomplished around the world.

This is only a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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