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WWE Rumors: WWE possibly buying TNA


September 18, 2016

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For the latter part of the last year, there have been rumors going around the internet and the wrestling community. Now the rumor has started to gain the attention of one of the New York newspapers. The New York Post is now running a story regarding the potential sale of TNA and two possible companies that placed a bid on the fourteen-year-old company, and they are Ring of Honor and WWE. Yes, you read that right, the WWE has allegedly placed a bid on the company.

It should not be a surprise that the WWE would want to purchase them. The company has a rather large tape library and the WWE has been having a lot of success with former TNA superstars as of late. Former TNA stars like AJ Styles ( Current WWE Champion), Samoa Joe ( Former NXT Champion), Bobby Roode, TJ Perkins ( Cruiserweight Champion) and others are all doing great under the WWE umbrella.

What should be realized is that any rumors about the WWE making a move to purchase TNA are unconfirmed, and should be taken with a grain of salt for now, but who knows how the future will stand as TNA has had financial problems for a bit of time. A few years ago, Vince McMahon was asked by a shareholder if he would ever actually purchase TNA, and he answered it by saying “Maybe.”

According to Billy Corgan, all of the parties involved in the sale of TNA have agreed on a sale price. However, he was not allowed to disclose the number. In the New York Post article, TNA is being estimated to be around $40 million. I would like to compare that to what WCW and ECW cost WWE to buy.

When WWE purchased ECW, they were in bankruptcy court, and it ended up costing WWE less than 100 thousand to buy the company. On the other side, WCW ended up costing WWE roughly seven million. According to people who were in the negations, the price that WCW was sold to WWE was much less than what was expected.

The other company that apparently placed a bid on TNA was Sinclair Broadcasting in Ring of Honor. It will be interesting to see if either WWE or Ring of Honor do end up buying TNA. We will have the latest on the potential sale of TNA.

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