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WWE Rumors: Who was on the phone with Kurt Angle to close RAW

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As you saw on the conclusion of Monday’s episode of RAW we saw Kurt Angle in the back on the phone. He told this mystery person to come to RAW next week and they can reveal some sort of announcement. While there has been speculation of pretty much every possible reason, there seems to be one that is gaining stem.

According to Dave Meltzer, the person who is could have been is none other than Stephanie McMahon with her husband, Triple H. We have not seen either of them since Seth Rollins beat Triple H at WrestleMania 33 back in April. It has been reported for some time that the WWE has been planning a match between Triple H and Kurt Angle. With SummerSlam being a month away, some have even speculated that the two wrestlers could clash at the event. WWE wants to make the event as major as it can be, so why not have Triple H fight Kurt Angle.

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I could see this scenario playing out. We see all three of them in the ring, the two heel characters are belittling Kurt by accusing him as being the reason for the decrease in the ratings. If we are to get a Triple H/Kurt Angle match at SummerSlam there is only one stipulation that the winner gets overall control of Raw. This would make the most sense to be the ones to return just by how the story line has been played on RAW since Vince McMahon announced that Kurt Angle was going to take over for Mick Foley.

I have read through many Facebook groups what people are thinking that it could be. I have seen people thinking that it is former TNA president Dixie Carter and Kurt Angle’s kayfabe mistress. With how the WWE has done booking, nothing would shock me, but I find these two very unlikely to happen.

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