As we found out moments before RAW went on the air, Seth Rollins will be facing Samoa Joe at the upcoming WWE ppv Payback. I see this match as being the match of the night on the night of the PPV, however, I also see the feud if it is built the right way could be very interesting to watch.


Right off the back, both superstars has gripe with the other person involved. If you look at Samoa Joe, the grip he has with Seth Rollins is that Samoa Joe’s client Triple H is upset that his wife Stephanie McMahon was put through a table at Wrestlemania. Samoa Joe is claiming that it was Seth Rollins who put Stephanie through a table. As Samoa Joe put in his promo tonight after his match against Jericho, ” I don’t like it when my client is upset.” He wrapped up his promo tonight by saying that it will be personal when those two get into the ring in two weeks at Payback.

On the other side, Seth Rollins has a major gripe with Samoa Joe. Back in January, Seth Rollins was set to finally get his hands on Triple H. This was a few months after Triple H turned on Seth Rollins to help Kevin Owens win the WWE Universal title.As Rollins was walking down the ramp and set to finally get his hands on Triple H, he was blindsided. The man who blindsided him was Samoa Joe. It would then be the next few moments on that RAW where Samoa Joe would attack Seth Rollins.

There was a moment when both superstars were in the ring and Samoa Joe would apply the kimora clutch. Seth Rollins would end up getting injured a but that put his status at Wrestlemania 33 in jeopardy. When you have two guys who can put good ring work together and have enough time to build a feud, will lead  to must watch TV.

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