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WWE: If Samoa Joe wins at Great Balls of Fire, it will be historic

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This Sunday, the WWE will be in Dallas for the 1st annual Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view. It will be headlined by Samoa Joe going up against Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal title. If Samoa Joe happens to defeat Lesnar, then history would be made.

In addition to this being the first title for Samoa Joe on the main roster, he would also be doing something that no one has ever done. He would become the first wrestler to win the top belt in the top North American wrestling promotions. He won the Ring of Honor title back in 2003 from Xavier and held on to it until December of 2004 when Low-Ki beat him. He won the TNA World title in 2008 from Kurt Angle and lost it later that year to Sting. While AJ Styles has won the WWE title and the TNA title, he never held the ROH World title .

Personally I could see the WWE putting the belt on Samoa Joe for several reasons. For starters, the ratings for RAW have been down drastically after Wrestlemania 33 and this could be attested to the fact that the top title in the Universal title hasn’t been on TV for the last few months. A way you could help that is by putting the title on someone who is active on the roster every week.

Another reason why I could see this happening is how WWE has booked Samoa Joe as of late. Since Samoa Joe has been on the main roster, he has been booked as being a killing machine. Also, I would like for this to happen because it would also help the main event scene of RAW. Since Brock Lesnar has taken off with the WWE Universal title, it has made for a chaotic scene in the main event scene. Basically they have not been able to fight over anything of value.

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