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WWE: Undertaker returns to Smackdown (Video)


November 16, 2016

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The Undertaker made his return to WWE programming for the first time since Wrestlemania 32. He returned in the final segment during Edge’s Cutting Edge show that was going on to promote and hype up the Survivor Series this Sunday. It was the first time that Undertaker was making an appearance on Smackdown in three years.

While it was known that Undertaker was making his return, it was not known to what he was going to be doing. There happened to be many people speculating that Undertaker would end up announcing that Wrestlemania 33 would be his last one and that he was going to retire from professional wrestling. An industry that he has been a part of since 1990, when he made his debut as the 5th member of Ted DiBiase’s Survivor Series team.

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He ended up not saying anything about retirement. He ended up saying how is back as a full-time wrestler. However, reports are coming out that WWE ended up planting several seeds for what the plans happen to be for Undertaker heading into Wrestlemania. It seems that whoever ends up losing the match for the Smackdown Live men’s team will end up being the first program for the Undertaker. Also, there are other reports that it is expected that Undertaker will be the WWE Championship as they head in Wrestlemania.

If all of that is true, then I expect the first feud for the Undertaker is going to be against AJ Styles. While AJ Styles has at least one title defense before the Royal Rumble, I would be very surprised if he loses the title before the end of 2016.

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Here is the clip of him making his return to WWE through the official WWE Youtube account.

As a wrestling fan, it was a neat thing to see Undertaker make a return to WWE and that he will be a full-time wrestler. While it is inevitable that he will probably retire sooner rather than later, it has been a great ride watching Undertaker being able to change his gimmick and make it work well. WWE’s Survivor Series is this Sunday in Toronto and can be seen on the WWE Network.

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