Last night, the WWE Hall of Fame welcomed Kurt Angle, Rick Rude, Teddy Long, Diamond Dallas Page, Beth Phoenix, and the Rock and Roll Express. While they are all earned their spots in the Hall of Fame, it got me thinking of who else we could see getting their name called in the next couple of years.


Without further or do, here are five superstars who I see getting their names inducted in the next few years

1- Paul Heyman: It is very possible that one of the more influential people in the wrestling industry was not even a wrestler. You have a guy here who basically made in a impact in whatever promotion he was in. In WCW, he became the manager for the stable known as the Dangerous Alliance. The WCW version of this stable consisted of Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko, Madusa, Michael Hayes, Rick Rude, and Steve Austin. He was the “father” of ECW that gave wrestling the extreme factor, and he is the advocate for Brock Lesnar.

2- The Undertaker- You could induct him solely on the Streak. Before he lost to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30, the Undertaker ended up going 21-0 at the Grandest stage of Wrestling. You could also look at the fact that he has been relevant for close to 30 years. He was able to stay relevant because he would adapt his gimmick to what was big in that era. I could see this one happening sooner rather than later.

3- Chris Jericho- Similar to the Undertaker, Chris Jericho has been able to relevant for his entire WWE run. He is also one of a few wrestlers who have won the Grand Slam of WWE belts with him finally grabbing the US title in 2017 when he defeated Roman Reigns on an episode of Raw. He also holds the most reigns with the Intercontinental title at nine reigns.

4- The Dudley Boyz- When you talk about the WWE tag team history, you would be foolish not to mention the Dudley Boyz. In terms of the WWE, they have won the tag titles 18 times between the WWE, ECW, and WCW. They also put the match concept of TLC on the map with their phenomenal matches with the Hardy Boyz and the team of Edge and Christian in the early 2000’s.

5- The ECW Brand- This should happen only if the WWE has Wrestlemania in Philadelphia. I know I mentioned Paul Heyman as an inductee, but I think the entire brand should go in. While the ECW brand was only a around for a couple of years, they changed the landscape of professional wrestling. We saw guys like Sabu, Sandman, Tazz, Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer who helped put ECW on the map. In all honesty, if it wasn’t for ECW, would there be any sort of hardcore wrestling that goes extreme.

This is my list of who should be going into the Hall. Let us know in the comments belt who you would add to the list. You can also follow us on Twitter @WrestlingINSC.

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