The earth shook Monday night as WWE did it’s best to give the Red Team a decided advantage in its  inter-promotional war with SmackDown Live.


One by one they came from backstage. Dean Ambrose. The Miz and Maryse. Mickie James and Alexa Bliss. All of a sudden, it looked like Christmas for the wrestling fan. What it really meant was WWE is trying to level the playing field so that both Monday and Tuesday night or must-see television.

If that wasn’t enough, there will be more changes to Tuesday night programming yet to come.

Each year around this time, WWE does its own version of spring cleaning. Wrestlers are released, and changes are made to correct booking deficiencies. This was like no other change as it seems more like an overhaul of what has not worked the past nine months.

Blue has been better. There is no way to say it any differently. Better booking, better matches, and more fan interest. It has continually proved two hours are better than three. WWE continues to lose fans as the wrestling landscape changes. Blame that on repeated storylines, the reinvention of the wheel, and independent promotions that are more daring. They bring the fans in without asking much from them.

Monday night was just another example of the “McMahon Way.” If it doesn’t work, stop it, redefine it, and repackage it. By moving the Intercontinental Champion (Ambrose) to Monday night, it’s signals a move of Kevin Owens and his United States Heavyweight Title to Tuesday nights. That changes the landscape of a potential heel stable involving Samoa Joe. And for those who waited patiently, it looks like AJ Styles has been spared and will remain the face of Tuesday night.

Oh, and for the moment, it signals that Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are all on the same program. Any thought of a Shield Reunion might be put on hold.

What can you expect tonight? Probably more fireworks. I suspect Charlotte moves to Tuesday night to feud with Becky Lynch. There is a potential that both Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson make the jump to the blue team, being reunited with Styles. Since Bray Wyatt is leaving for the Red Team in a move I feel is detrimental, look for Randy Orton and Styles to clash over WWE’s World Title.

Sometimes, what’s best for business isn’t always what’s the best thing for the fans.

The most important thing this company must achieve with this “shake up” is balance. For years, there hasn’t been a balance of heels and babyfaces. There needs to be a stronger commitment to storylines on Monday night. Wyatt was brought over for that reason. But I must ask, “At what cost?”. Brock Lesnar should be part of Tuesday night programming. And when he is back from his “injuries” from the beat down he received by Braun Strowman, The Roman Empire will take up residence on Tuesday nights.

The next eight months should be a fun ride. Wrestlemania set the tone for change, it begins now. If the McMahons and WWE’s creative team book Monday and Tuesday night with the fans in mind, this could be a white hot summer and exciting fall to say the least.

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