Many people try to protect themselves from viruses during the winter months by vaccinating. However, these methods have very fierce opponents. By any means, it’s better if you lay on your body’s natural protective forces without the interference of external methods.

Boosting our immunity

There is only one truth. The most important aspect is the food. Only food and regular consummation of various, rich in vitamins menu can influence long-term health. However, one month or so is not enough. If you can’t boast of good health one prolonged change in your diet can get you the dream resistance to diseases.

The process can turn easily. And if you think it takes too much time you’ll be pleased with the results for even longer.

Change drastically your bad habits

Start consuming some of the healthy nutritional substances daily and make it your habit. You’ll see for yourself that this could be very delicious. These are some of the irreplaceable sources of healthy substances – nuts, fruits, vegetables, cheese, and yoghurt.

We’ll mostly talk about the last here. As one of the oldest and most loved products cheese is among the first of all health boosters.

When was yogurt invented?

There isn’t exact data about the origins of this tasty and healthy food. It’s known for sure that it derives from ancient times. And we – as Bulgarians, deserve to mark this incredible product in detail because in our country we make one of the healthiest and most authentic kinds of probiotic Bulgarian yogurt the other countries could only dream of. Even Japan, a country far more developed than Bulgaria, has recognized our contribution to this perfect recipe. That’s the reason it decided to import Bulgarian yeast and to use it for making a product similar to ours.

Even the boasted greek yoghurt steps aside in the competition with our traditional recipes for irresistible yoghurts.

Thracians and proto-Bulgarians

Some of the ancient data about the invention of yoghurt are connected to Thracians. They lived in parts of present-day Bulgaria. Now, as well as back then, this region is famous for its exceptionally lush pastures and fertile soil. This was an excellent premise for raising herds of mammals. One of the most widely spread was that of sheep.

Proto-Bulgarians produced a lactic-acid drink while they made yogurt by a very interesting method. They curdled cow milk with milk erosion. Was the taste close to that of today’s milk?! Maybe, in some ways. Despite advanced technologies in the production, the process nowadays isn’t that different and for making high-quality yoghurt we still need yeast. The end product we have depends on it.

Why is it so healthy and liked?

Everything is in the microflora. During fermentation, it changes unrecognizably from where sour delicacy’s benefits come from. Microflora is composed of lactobacilli and streptococci. It’s them that change because of fermentation. That’s how yoghurt’s taste and smell are developed. The newly made metabolites irreplaceably benefit the human body. These are some of the extracts you’ll receive from the regular consumption of this well-known product:

· Main source of calcium: a couple of spoons yogurt can get you half of your daily ration of calcium;

· It protects you from cardiovascular disease: rich in vitamins from group B, yoghurt successfully fight with heart diseases;

· Antitumor properties: it suppresses the influence of many pathogenic microorganisms. Its microflora synthesizes antibiotics and antimicrobials. They have a good influence on the intestinal tract and they even fight successfully some food intoxications.

· High in proteins: it’s them that help metabolism as they increase the energy consummation in the body.

· It regulates blood pressure and bone’s health. That’s due to the content of potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium in it.

· A good diuretic remedy: yoghurt drastically reduces appetite and satiates at the same time. That’s one incredibly useful means to fight with those extra pounds. And it’s so healthy!

· The regular intake of yogurt lowers cholesterol levels in your blood. If you don’t believe compare them after just one week of daily consumption. The results will please you.

· Good tolerance of diabetics. The only condition here is that the yoghurt should be of high quality and without artificial substances.

· Its regular consumption leads to stronger immune reactions. That’ll give you a much better way to fight viruses.

Here is one a little untraditional use. If you overdrink the previous night yogurt will help you cope with a hangover. It reduces headaches and acts antiseptically.

Some types of milk also could boast about the availability of so-called live probiotics. They are usually added after pasteurization. High temperature during this process is known to kill live bacteria. Drawing up a balance sheet, the tasty supplement to your daily diet hides innumerable extras. Here’s how healthy things can be included in almost any nutrition and we can enjoy a robust constitution and a good spirit.

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