Ultimate Guide to Dosing THC Chocolate

Cannabis edibles, like CBD chocolate, are a classic way to consume your favorite cannabis strain. 


Edibles differ from all other consumption modes because they are most discreet, and they are ingested and delivered to your bloodstream through natural digestion. 

How Does CBD Chocolate Take Effect?


All cannabis edible types (including those with THC – the active ingredient found in marijuana) will be broken down in your stomach into sugar and carbs. The CBD is then released into your bloodstream during this process. Once digested, you can begin to feel the effects of your edible!


In order for cannabinoids such as THC and CBD to take effect, they need to be decarboxylated. Decarboxylation is the process that activates compounds in cannabis such as THC, the cannabinoid responsible for the “high”.


When it comes to smoking cannabis, the process of decarboxylation actually happens through burning or vaporizing the substance. Once the smoke or vapor reaches the lungs, it goes into the bloodstream and begins its effects.


Why do edibles take longer to kick in?


Edibles such as THC chocolate or even a CBD chocolate bar bar take longer to process within the body. This is mainly because the edible must be digested through the liver rather than the lungs. 


In short, the cannabinoids (THC or CBD) found in edibles are absorbed by your system through your intestinal lining and are then transported to your liver. This is where it is processed by the body, producing the effects of either CBD or THC.


If you are considering trying edibles for the first time to satisfy both your cannabis craving and sweet tooth, you should not go to the dispensary and just buy the tastiest treat you find and eat as much as you want! This could result in a bad experience and overly intense effect. 


First it is wise to educate yourself on edibles before purchasing your first CBD or THC chocolate bar.

Your Ultimate Guide to Dosing CBD Chocolate

Let’s face it – edibles like CBD chocolate are very delicious and you will probably want to eat the whole thing in one sitting – just like a normal chocolate bar. However, it’s very important to err on the side of “less is more” when it comes to cannabis edibles.


Cannabis edibles take considerably longer (up to 2 hours) to kick in. Many newcomers will make the mistake of eating more before the original dose has had time to set. When it comes to THC, this can be a big mistake depending on your tolerance level, as edibles tend to carry a “heavier” high than smoking.

Consider Your Metabolism


Your digestive system processes edibles like any other food. The slower your metabolism, the slower the effects will work. Your metabolism is a key player in this cannabis delivery system and the best thing to do is to be patient.


Before you think of what type of CBD chocolate to get, you’ll need to consider other elements related to your diet. The first thing that affects your metabolic rate is your weight. If you are a little or a lot overweight, then chances are the process is going to be slower or faster depending on these factors.

Avoid Edibles + Alcohol 


The second factor is your alcohol consumption. Consuming edibles along with alcohol is not recommended, and any good budtender will tell you this! The alcohol level in your blood actually affects the potency of the cannabinoids. You should not mix edibles and alcohol, whether they are CBD or THC. 


Edibles Dosage

Before trying any kind of edibles, especially the tastier types like CBD chocolate and gummy bears, it’s important to know their potency. When visiting a dispensary, this information (in THC/CBD grams) is displayed on the edible’s packaging by law.


The edible’s label will clearly indicate the dose in each piece, and this can vary from 5mg to 10mg or even higher. If this is your first-time using edibles, or if you’re simply not sure how it will affect you yet, it’s best to try only half of one piece. After 45 minutes to an hour, up your dosage gradually.


Trying cannabis edibles in the form of mini doses will help you understand your metabolism and processing speed. You also get to enjoy these tasty treats gradually, instead of gobbling them up like M&Ms!


Always opt for edibles with clear labels that indicate the standard dose. Some may even contain CBD and THC ratio combos. The perfect ratio balance that you can find in edibles would be CBD: THC ratio of 1:1, or you can opt for edibles with higher THC and lower CBD, and vice versa.

The Entourage Effect


Edibles with cannabis components such as CBD and THC are capable of producing what’s known as the “entourage effect”. This occurs when two or more natural compounds found in cannabis interact together inside the body, to produce a synergistic effect.


In other words, two cannabinoids are better than one! When it comes to mixing THC and CBD, some say the entourage effect brings a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience when both are consumed rather than only one.

How Much THC or CBD Should I Take?


Of course, always ask your budtender about dosage levels if you are unsure. Some suggested dosages may include the following:


  • If you are a first-time user, and looking to relax and feel more focused, microdoses of no more than 2.5mg THC can be ideal.


  • If you are feeling a little restless and expect stronger effects from your THC chocolate or CBD milk chocolate bar, your dose could range between 3 to 15mg THC.


  •  If you are an experienced consumer who would like to achieve a substantial high and a euphoric state, then a dose between 15 and 30 mg will get you there!


  •  If your purpose of consuming edibles is achieving very strong high for medical-related use, and you are an experienced THC user, a dose between 30 and 50mg of THC will do the trick.


  •  If your dose falls anywhere between 50 and 100mg THC then you can likely expect serious side effects and impairment on the level of perception and mobility – depending on your tolerance level.


No matter the type of edibles you want to try – gummies, oils, THC milk chocolate, CBD chocolate, lozenges, beverages, etc. – it’s important to remember that edibles do carry a different high than smoking. Many call the edible high a “body high”, due to heavier effects.


Also, it can help to keep the edibles in your mouth for short time to allow them to break down and dissolve before you swallow them.

Other Takeaways


Myth has it that eating a piece of fruit right after consuming edibles will tremendously expedite the delivery of THC to your bloodstream. However, this is not proven.


It is essential to drink a lot of water while consuming edibles to remain hydrated and if you are a novice to have someone in the same room to keep an eye on you because the thing about edibles is that they are exceptionally tasty and hard to resist.

Why Choose Edibles?

For some, smoking is not possible or it is simply not enjoyable. In addition to this, edibles are also discreet, convenient, easier to dose, and more.



Edibles come in different forms, shapes, and flavors. Even if you are the pickiest eater in the world, you will surely find some cannabis edibles to fit your taste, due to the wide range of products available. 


Your local dispensary should have a wide collection for you to choose from, but be sure to read the labels and consult with your budtender to make an informed decision.


People opt for edibles for many reasons, the most obvious of which would be discretion. Ingesting a THC chocolate bar or CBD milk chocolate bar is far less obvious than smoking a joint or vaping.



The delicious taste and desire for discretion are not the only attractive features about edibles. Some opt for them because they are easy to consume and very convenient to travel with (while staying within legal guidelines of course). 



Absorption of the THC and/or CBD in edibles might be slower as digestion first takes place in the liver. Even so, once these cannabinoids are present in the bloodstream and then transported to the brain, the effects can be stronger. 


The liver produces hydroxy-THC 11 which is known as a very potent metabolite – and this is the reason behind the more intense “body high” that is experienced with edibles. 


The high potency of edibles is also due to the high content of cannabis concentrate in the products. The oil or concentrate used to infuse the edible itself can be very potent.

The Effects

Metabolism is a significant factor in taking edibles. Different metabolisms will bring different experiences with edibles. However, what you will experience irrespective of your metabolic rate, is a longer high that ranges from 4 to 6 hours. 


While some really enjoy this aspect of taking edibles, it may not be the best for everyone. Of course, the level of THC content does play a role in an edible’s duration. If a long-lasting high isn’t your thing, just be sure to start out with less and work your way up to more if desired.


When it comes to edibles, you do not have to limit yourself to a certain type of cannabis infused edible because there are many, many choices. Chocolate lovers will appreciate the richly flavorful CBD bars, milk chocolate and THC chocolate. 


Those who prefer candy shaped edibles will enjoy the colorful gummies and all other kinds of candy. Cannabis beverages are also a top choice, as well as the classic brownie or cookie. 


Cannabis Compounds

When you go to your local dispensary to check out the different edibles being sold, make sure to examine the labels of the by-products to get an idea of the composition and dosage information on each product you’re interested in. 


According to most state laws, labels must provide accurate information about THC and CBD levels in the product. However, knowing the ratio of other ingredients is equally important and applied by some producers who opted for listing all other cannabinoids ingredients to help consumers make an informed choice. 


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most well-known cannabinoid, as it is the compound that produces the psychoactive effects of marijuana. 


Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most powerful ingredient in cannabis and helps with those cannabis munchies as it is known for its appetite suppressing characteristics.


Cannabinol (CBN) though not so well known, does carry minor psychoactive effects, though they are not as strong as THC. 


THC and CBN are the active ingredients responsible for the high you feel when you consume cannabis through any medium. Though CBN is not as present as THC or even CBD in cannabis plants, all of these contribute to the feelings you’ll have after consuming tHC chocolate and the like.



Knowing the above components ratios is not sufficient to properly choose the right product. You need to know the effects produced by each of them to determine the right ratio for you according to what you need the edibles for.


This means that your choice of edibles should not only be based on your taste, but you should also take into consideration ratios and dosage for the most optimal experience.


CBD edibles are one of the most popular facets of all edibles. These contain antioxidants like flavonoids that are packed with nutritional values. Opting for chocolate rather than flower will reduce the risks associated with smoking and provide a convenient and delicious way to dose your cannabis.


Though CBD by itself carries no psychoactive effects, coupling CBD with THC can create a more harmonious effect – and with less paranoia than some might experience with too much THC. 


The relaxed, balanced feel associated with edibles containing a ratio of both CBD and THC is known as the “entourage effect”. Basically, the entourage effect follows one principle – these cannabinoids are both great on their own, but combining them is even better!



To find the ideal mix of CBD and THC in your edible, first check out the labeling associated with the product. A 50/50 mix of CBD and THC in your milk chocolate bar means the product will be labeled as 1:1. Some products may contain more THC, or more CBD, and vice versa. 


Therefore you may see ratios of 3:1, 2:1, and the like. Most edibles will list the ratios with the CBD content first. Just think of ratios as CBD:THC, unless otherwise stated.


It’s important to not only experiment with the ratio that best suits your needs, but to also review any and all product descriptions and labels before purchase. When in doubt about ratios, always ask your budtender. 

The Final Word on Cannabis Edibles


Cannabis comes in different shapes, forms, and flavors but the most delicious are edibles! Edibles can offer a very fulfilling cannabis experience if you know what to look for and how much should be dosed. Most importantly, start out small and increase dosage after 1 hour for the most optimal experience.


Whether in the form of chocolate, cookies, candies or any other type of edibles, you will satisfy both your craving for cannabis and sweets and enjoy a long-lasting high that lasts up to six whole hours. You can enjoy edibles on multiple levels especially that they are very discrete and subtle and deliver very powerful results.

In Conclusion


With all the above information in mind, you can go ahead and make that trip to the nearest dispensary to get those gummies or chocolate bars you’ve been craving. When choosing your products from the dispensary, always make an informed choice and ask for the help of your budtender whenever needed.


Remember, budtenders are professionals who can assist you in finding the perfect product in relation to your desired intensity, and the mode of consumption (including dosages). They can also explain ratios and dosages in terms that are easily understood. Be safe, and enjoy!

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