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Doctor Strange: 3 Mid-Credit scene ideas

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It is a good time to be a Marvel fan. In particular, a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or the MCU for short. The next MCU Netflix show Luke Cage will be keeping fans occupied shortly. Plus, greatly with November just about a month away, that means the wait for the next film installment in the MCU is almost over as well. On November 4th, Doctor Strange will be bringing its insane special effects and magic to the big screen for all Marvel fans to enjoy.

Benedict Cumberbatch will take the lead in the title role for the film, as the arrogant surgeon Stephen Strange. Following a car accident that left him significantly wounded, he will go on to try and find a cure for himself, only to become submerged in the mystical world of magic.

The film as a whole is expected to be able to stand on its own two feet without having to rely on being a member of the MCU. What I mean by that is it will not feature any established MCU characters in key roles, if at all, and will likely only drop subtle references to the events of the past films. It is very possible the film contains an infinity stone, but they do not acknowledge it by name. With so much going on the film may not have the time to explain how Strange’s necklace (containing the green Eye of Agamotto) is actually a cosmic stone, and that point will be hammered home in a later MCU film.

But even though the film will not be using the MCU as a crutch, it does not mean the mid-credit scene cannot have some serious ties to the universe. Whether it is a humorous scene that features a known player, or one that has some serious impact moving forward within the universe, there are plenty of ways to have the mid-credit scene make the films presence within the MCU known. So let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? Here are three possible mid-credit scene ideas for Doctor Strange!

Thor arrives back on Earth

During the filming of Thor: Ragnarok (which comes out November 3rd, 2017), Chris Hemsworth’s title character was seen on a set that was made to look like the streets of New York holding a piece of paper. This piece of paper contained the home address of one Stephen Strange. If Thor is in New York looking for Strange’s home, he will likely be doing so on a mission to find an infinity stone. This would ultimately be the reveal that the Eye of Agamotto contains the time stone, which we pretty much know already, but just need confirmation.

This also hints at the possibility that Strange could be making an appearance in that MCU film. And given the film is due out next year, and may connect to Strange himself, why not lay a little groundwork now. During the mid-credit scene, we see a New York street. All of a sudden, Thor pulls off the normal superhero landing and stands straight up. The camera begins to move around him in a circle, to give the perspective of Thor looking around. Then Thor holds up the piece of paper, revealing the address.

The scene ends with Thor speaking, “This is where the next stone is.” End scene.

Stephen Strange, meet Peter Parker

If Marvel wants to go with a more humorous approach, what better way than to include Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. Both Peter and Strange live in New York, so it is not out of the realm of possibilities the two could run into one another on the streets while in civilian clothes. In this particular instance, a coffee shop within the city.

Peter could be sitting at the shop working on some homework, and Strange walks in to grab some coffee. As he is waiting in line for his drink, Peter recognizes him. He calls out to Strange saying, “Hey man aren’t you the guy who just saved the city?”. Strange just looks at him and smirks. But Peter is a persistent one, and he keeps peppering Strange with questions.

Finally, there is screaming outside. A man runs past the window, with the police right behind him. Peter, realizing he can help, turns to Strange and says “I gotta go,” followed by some lame excuse for his sudden departure. He runs out the door, and about five seconds later, Spider-Man swings past the window. End scene.

This could be a cool way to kick off Spider-Man: Homecoming, with this scene picking back up. Spider-Man could be taking down the criminal to open that film, which comes out July 7th, 2017.

Hulk suits up for battle

We have not seen Bruce Banner or the Incredible Hulk since the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, when he was flying off in a Quinjet. We were never told of his whereabouts, but we do know he will be showing up in the next Thor installment. And not only will he be showing up, but he will be doing battle. The film is expected to have a Planet Hulk type scene or two, meaning Hulk will be suiting up for battle.

So picture this. We start out with a black screen, and it slowly starts to zoom out. The coloring begins to become more recognizable, as the green hue takes over. Finally, we realize it is the Hulk! And once we see it is him, he starts putting on his gigantic shoulder pads. Then he puts on his helmet. The scene can end with a closeup of his face, which would have an angry scowl on it.

Or if they wanted to they could give us a little more and see the very start of a battle. No actually action, but the Hulk and his opponent charging at one another. Hulk could leap in the air and cock his arm back, in Roman Reign’s superman punch style. Before he unleashes the vicious blow, they cut to black. End scene.

As I mentioned, these are only three possible ideas. This list could go on and on, with each fan pitching their ideas. I will say I would be surprised if we did not get any Hulk tease for Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters. That would either mean Doctor Strange or Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 would need to include the big green guy in their credits scenes.

Who or what do you want to see in a mid-credit scene when Doctor Strange hits theaters in November? Tell us in the comments!

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