A renovated bathroom will add a different look and value to your house, updates the style, and makes this well-adapted to your present needs. Renovations are the best time for introducing the improvements that can serve you & your family for many years to come. Suppose you are searching for bathroom remodeling designs, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by several choices available when it comes to showers and other bathroom fixtures. You can check out Kohler showers to know more about various bathroom redesign ideas. The bathroom renovation magazines & websites are filled with some stunning designs that look very lovely. Thus, which one is the best option to choose from?

  1. Choose the right bathroom

Bathrooms generally come in many different sizes, shapes, and layouts. There are chances you probably will not change the kind of bathroom when planning to go for remodeling. But, it is a really good idea to look at different options before setting the ideas in stone. The experienced interior designer will help you to see various possibilities that you may have missed out on. For example, the cramped half bath can be transformed into a luxurious master suite by borrowing a little space from the bedroom or walk-in closet.

  1. Installing a bidet

Suppose you are looking to improve your hygiene together with a bathroom, then bidet will be the right choice for that. The modern bidets enable thorough hygiene, particularly for people suffering from specific health conditions.

  1. Unique and innovative Storage

Bathrooms require enough storage or shelves, and finding the right ways to include this space in your bathroom can ensure the bathroom is nicely organized & clean. The linen closets, vanity cabinets, and shelving are the best ways of adding storage to space. However, you can include other simple ideas like recessed medicine cabinets, which do not take up additional space in your room still provide good storage.

  1. Luxurious tub

You can install a bathtub if you like taking baths & you do it quite often. Lots of people have baths only because they think that they should. Suppose you have a shower, it will be smarter you invest in a large and modern shower.

  1. Never overlook ventilation

The bathrooms are prone to dampness, this problem is worse in humid Seattle. Suppose your bathroom has showers and tub, then the building code needs enough ventilation. Bathrooms require good ventilation to keep you in good health as well as prevent the mold from growing.

  1. Improve Lighting

Bathrooms generally tend to have very little access to natural light, thus it is important to add enough lighting. Another important lighting change must be the dimmer for the main lights. Suppose you like taking baths, you know the leisurely bath in the full artificial light is not much fun. The dimmer can allow you to set the right feel and mood.

  1. Shower sills

For using the bathroom carefree, ensure you pay close attention to every detail when planning to remodel it. You can easily oversee a few things that are important for the functional bathroom. A shower sill might not be the first consideration when remodeling. The shower sill must be sloped properly in the shower. Suppose it has not been, it is the right time you completely change it.

  1. Wet Room

The wet room is the continuous and open space in the bathroom, which is waterproof. There’s not any distinction between different spaces, and design style is also becoming more and more popular for the homeowners.

  1. Textured shower floors

Check & replace the bathroom tiles in case they are big or non-textured with textured ones. It’s tough to slope the big tiles due to the distance between grout lines they’re a bit slippery. The textured tiles provide good traction, and extra grouting can keep you from slipping when your bathroom floor gets wet and soapy.

  1. Paint

As per your budget, you need to determine for remodeling, you may do many different things. Suppose you wish to spend a little, you may just repaint your bathroom. Besides being simple and cheap, it is effective. However, you will need a little time to get it done as you will need to be very careful when you are painting over the sink, mirror, or toilet.


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