Looking for a fun and daring new ombre style for your hair? Purple ombre hair is a great way to add some bold and exciting color to your hair. And with the unlimited possibilities of hair colors available today, you will be sure to find the look that fits your style and personality.

Purple ombre hair will require some upkeep, but it is well-worth the effort as you will feel sexy and mysterious. If you use color safe products and go for regular touch ups, you’ll be able to rock your purple tresses as long as you want to!

Check out some of the hottest looks for purple ombre hair below and find one that speaks to you!

10 Fun and Fab Shades of Purple Ombre Hair

Violet Purple and Black Balayage

If you love purple and want a look that is a pretty shade of violet, this black and violet purple balayage blend is pure perfection. Go with a dark base such as a raven or dark chocolate and then blend in shades of deep dark and pale violet for a multidimensional look that is dark and mysterious.

This combo is pretty on any length of hair, but is it extremely bewitching on this choppy shoulder-length bob. Make sure to ask for random layouts thought to add volume. Part your hair to one side and blow it dry. Then add a texturising and/or volumizing product. Use a medium or large curling wand to make big, loose waves in alternating directions to add depth. Don’t forget the smokey eyes and dark matte lipstick to really pull this look together.

Lilac and Dusty Purple Ombre Hair

If you would rather have a soft and delicate shade of pastel purple, this pretty pale lilac and dusty purple combo is very girly and chic. Ask for a pastel lilac shade as the base and then get some periwinkle and baby blue shades throughout.

This combo is even more stunning when worn in a pretty updo such as this loose wavy bun. Gather your wavy tresses at the back of your head and pin them loosely for a dainty yet slightly messy bun that is very classy and romantic. Weave in some babies breath or flowers for a boho chic vibe.



Chocolate Brown to Amethyst Melt

Not quite ready to commit to a full head of color? How about starting off with a milky chocolate brown that melts to a brilliant shade of amethyst? You can start the fade anywhere you want, but with wavy locks, it looks lovely staring about chin length.

To make this look even more unique, only curl your hair from where the amethyst fade starts. Make big loose waves with a medium or large barrel curling wand and run your fingers through them gently for a messy beach wave look that will make you feel like a mermaid princess.


Purple Haze

This purple ombre hair style is reminiscent of a desert sunset with its gorgeous blend of magenta, amethyst and midnight blue hues. Start off with a dark base, maybe a light chestnut brown and then fade into a brilliant blend of pinks, blues and purples to create a look that has a ton of dimension and movement. The colors will look like they were poured on a canvas and bled down the length of your hair.

To make this style, pop even more, cut your hair in a U or V-cut with long layers and then curly only the ends to add volume and texture.


Periwinkle to Dusty Rose Ombre

Ombre hairstyle are about more than just blending shades of the same color. The sky’s the limit when it comes to possibilities for ombre hues. If you love bright colors, but can’t commit to just one, this colorful purple ombre hairstyle is calling your name!

Start off with a pretty shade of periwinkle at the roots and then melt into a dark dusty pink ombre. Go heavy on the pink highlights near the front to add a truly multi tonal flair. Make loose curls with a flat iron or curling wand to pump up the volume on this sassy style!


Jewelled Pink and Purple Ombre Hair

Crimped hair was a big hit in the 80s and 90s and is making a huge comeback. And what better way to show off your jewelled purple ombre hair? Start off with a dark base and get hand painted purple and light dusty pink hues to form a look that sparkles like gemstones in the sun. Go heavy on the pink at the tips to pull it all together.


Smokey Purple Ombre Hair

Smokey colors aren’t just for makeup. This smokey purple ombre hair is beyond gorgeous! For the fashion forward woman who is looking for a sexy and mysterious vibe, this look was tailor made for you!

Ask for a deep raven black and bright eggplant balayage ombre mix. The final look is full of texture and depth. For the trifecta rock those curly locks to add maximum body and movement.


Dark Chocolate Fade to Orchid

Finger waves are all the rage right now and if you blend in stunning shades of dark and light purple on a dark chocolate base, you will have achieved a look the defies dimension. Start your fade to deep purple and lavender about chin or shoulder-length to add move movement. This is perfect if you are looking for a glamorous shade of purple ombre hair.


Slow Purple Fade

If you really love purple and want to go for all over purple ombre hair, try this dark to light purple ombre met. Use all the prettiest shades of purple including periwinkle, lavender, lilac and a pale dusty violet. Blend dark and light hues throughout your hair to add maximum depth and dimension.

These colors look really stunning on a mid length bob as they add a ton of texture if you are looking for a way to liven up your wavy tresses.

Fairy Purple Fade

If you love fairy lights, you will love this last look. The palest shades of purple are used to form a silvery blend of purple tones that will make you feel as though you have just stepped out of the pages of your favorite fairy tale. Get a dark purple on the top, but then fade to the prettiest shimmering shades of light purple so your hair will almost glow. Add some full beachy waves to make it all come together like magic.


Are you ready to take the chance and try one of these awesome looks for purple ombre hair? We promise that you won’t regret it!

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