Oral and dental health actually means whole-body health.

Because all of the vital processes such as eating and drinking take place through the mouth and everything that is eaten or drunk with an unhealthy mouth goes to the stomach in an unhealthy way.

“Bacteria can reach levels that can lead to mouth infections such as tooth decay and gum disease,” say specialists from the Mayo Clinic.

It is also a fact that unhealthy teeth and gums are very.

In fact, many people complain that the highest pain in life is a toothache.

Also, in case of tooth loss in the future, oral health and eating and drinking comfort will never be the same.

Because although a new tooth can be replaced by different methods, there will be no comfort given by his own tooth.

In addition to all this, an unhealthy mouth means an incredibly bad breath is an extra irritating problem.

Bad breath is a very serious health problem that disturbs the environment as well as the person, harms the social environment, and makes eating and drinking unpleasant.

All of these are the result of people continuing unhealthy habits that harm teeth.

While the importance of oral and dental health is known all over the world, unfortunately in our country, the data on oral and dental health and the rate of sensitivity of people are not as expected.

While the rate of decayed, missing or filled teeth is 10.8% in the 35-44 age group, this rate rises to 25.8% in the 65-74 age group.

In other words, we, as a nation, do not pay due attention to our oral and dental health, we do not apply to a health institution for early treatment of dental and gingival problems and do not take any precautions.

However, as mentioned above, unhealthy teeth and gums; adversely affect all organs, especially the heart, kidney, and stomach, and can trigger chronic diseases such as diabetes and stomach ulcers.

An unhealthy mouth increases the risk of preterm birth, miscarriage and underweight babies in pregnant women, negatively affecting overall body health.

Therefore, it is very important to have healthy teeth and gums in order to maintain general health.

The most important factor that leads to damage to the teeth is the harmful habits that have become routine in daily life, most of which are not even known to be mistaken.

First of all, it is necessary to know these harmful habits and stay away from them in order to protect oral and dental health and thus the health of the whole body.

Habits Harmful To Teeth

Using A Bottle

Using a bottle may make it easier for babies to feed and sleep. However, having a bottle in the mouth all night or for a few hours is both dangerous and harmful for the development of teeth.

Sweet juices, milk, and convenience foods in the bottle are harmful to teeth, and prolonged sucking can cause some dental problems.

In this regard, the bottle should be removed from the mouth after babies who use a bottle go to sleep.

Consuming Too Much Tea, Coffee, And Cigarettes

Everyone knows that cigarettes, tea, and coffee make your teeth yellow.

Especially harmful substances in cigarettes are one of the important causes of tooth and gum diseases as well as aesthetic discoloration.

In addition, smoking It can cause lip, tongue, and mouth cancer.

In this respect, it would be right not to smoke at all and to consume less tea and coffee, due to both aesthetic concerns and the risk of deterioration of dental and gingival health.

Clenching Or Grinding Teeth, Especially At Night

Some people grind and clench their teeth in their sleep, and even complain that their gums hurt when they wake up in the morning.

It is known that the clenching problem usually occurs due to stress.

Uncontrollably clenching teeth causes tooth wear, cavities, and gum recession.

In such cases, it is recommended to take care not to consume hard foods during the day, and to apply to the dentist as soon as possible for people who grind or clenched their teeth at night.

Excessive Consumption Of Acidic And Sugary Foods, Fruit Juices

Although sugary and acidic foods, fruit juices, and other beverages are enjoyable, they are definitely harmful to the whole body, especially for oral and dental health.

Excessive consumption of acidic foods and energy drinks during the day causes sugar and acid attacks on the teeth.

It is known that these foods cause the teeth to decay very quickly and such drinks cause tooth loss, especially in babies with milk teeth.

Although ready-made fruit juices contain many vitamins, they can be very harmful due to the sugar and additives they contain.

Instead of these, eating fruit or squeezing the juice of the fruit at home will be healthier for the teeth and the whole body.

Snacking Too Much

The majority of snacks contain harmful additives and extra sugar, fat, and salt.

These also have harmful effects on dental and oral health.

In this respect, snacking frequently during the day, especially consuming sugary foods in between, increases the risk of food items remaining between the teeth.

For this reason, while it is harmful to consume junk food frequently, not cleaning these foods with dental floss or a toothbrush causes the teeth to decay in a short time.

Breaking Something With Teeth

Breaking hard-shelled foods such as hazelnuts and walnuts with teeth and trying to open bottle caps with teeth are very harmful to teeth.

In such cases, the teeth can crack, wear and even break.

Chewing Sugary Gum Frequently

Chewing gum can be a very popular habit.

However, frequent chewing of sugary gums negatively affects oral and dental health.

When the sugars in the gums stay in the mouth too much, it causes tooth decay.

Piercing Lips, Tongue, And Teeth

Tongue piercings (especially snake eyes piercing) can cause scratches and damage as they come into contact with the teeth, while tooth piercings can crack and break teeth.

In the same vein, lip piercings can cause harm in a similar way.

The presence of metal objects on the tongue, teeth, and lips and their rubbing against the gums can damage the gums and cause tooth loss over time.

Piercings can also lead to bacterial growth in the mouth.

Brushing Teeth Incorrectly

The most basic of teeth cleaning is brushing teeth at least 2 times a day.

Brushing in a shorter time than necessary, brushing the teeth too hard and the bristles being hard can cause erosion of the cement layer in the roots and the opening of the dentin layer.

These can cause tooth and gingival sensitivity.

Experts state that the teeth should be brushed for 2 minutes in the morning and evening, with a brush with medium-hard bristles, with oval, soft movements, and by massaging the gums.

In addition, it will be correct to clean between the teeth with dental floss in the evenings.

And a routine dental examination every 6 months for healthy teeth and gums.

Unhealthy Eating

An unhealthy diet, nutritional disorders, insufficient nutrition, and especially consuming too much sweets cause tooth decay.

In some cases, stomach problems and frequent vomiting can cause tooth decay and erosion.

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