how Invisalign helps

Our outward appearance plays a huge role in building our physical confidence and self-esteem. During social interactions, our face receives a lot of attention and therefore most people make an effort to have a have clean and presentable face. Our lips and teeth are an important part that regulate our facial features and enable us to communicate with others. Having dirty and crooked teeth can often be a hindrance in the way an individual interacts with other people. Having crooked teeth may lead to low self-esteem especially for teenagers who are in the growing years of their life and are extremely conscious about their looks. However, there are several ways that you can get your teeth corrected and Invisalign is one of them. Here is how Invisalign helps correct crooked teeth.

Gone are the days when children belonging to the age group 11-20 had to wear unattractive metal braces in order to achieve to a perfectly arranged teeth. Metal brackets were used on the teeth to hold a wire that would perfectly align the teeth over a period of time. These metal braces, although effective, were unappealing to look at. Additionally, they were difficult to clean and caused decalcification of the tooth enamel if not maintained. Some children would end up with a sore mouth because of the oral mucosa continuously rubbing against the brackets or due to the tightening of the wire that caused pressure on the teeth. Because of the abovementioned reasons, Orthodontic Treatment for Teens was usually an unpleasant experience.

Invisalign was developed and introduced in order to overcome the drawbacks of the traditional metal braces. They are a set of clear hard plastic aligners that are worn in order to correct the positioning of your teeth. After its introductions, these aligners have quickly become popular among teens and adults because it addresses the aesthetic concern associated with traditional metal braces. Since, these aligners are made of clear plastic, they are literally invisible when you put them on your teeth. Hence, one does not have to endure a period of uncomfortable and unattractive braces with Invisalign.

The ways in which how Invisalign helps a teen to get their confidence back are many. First, they are designed using clear plastic that doesn’t interfere with the appearance and smile of the individual. For people who are very conscious about their appearance and are not comfortable getting an orthodontic treatment due to the metal braces, Invisalign is a great option for aligning their teeth. Secondly, Invisalign aligners are extremely easy to wear since they are similar to a mouth guard. You can just wear them like a mouth guard. They are easy to maintain and do not cause any painful cuts and nicks unlike the traditional metal brackets. They are comfortable and attractive to eye because most people won’t notice that you are wearing them.

Invisalign aligners are being opted by several people across the globe, children and adults alike, for straightening their teeth. They are convenient to use and can be removed during the time of eating, flossing and brushing. You won’t have to struggle with maintaining your oral hygiene during the Invisalign treatment unlike the metal brackets where it was a task to remove the food particles that got stuck to it. Invisalign require minimal maintenance, where all you have to do is scrub with a toothbrush to keep them clean before using.

The greatest advantage of Invisalign is not having a metallic smile during your treatment. Because of their inconspicuous nature, they are ideal for teenagers and adults who do not want metallic braces. If the unsightly metal braces have been preventing you from straightening your teeth, then Invisalign is something you should opt for.

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