In the age of woman empowerment, the definition of beauty has changed. It is no more restricted to physical appearance. Now a beautiful woman is the one who is having the perfect combination of a great body and mind, not to miss a beautiful soul.

Women of this century are multi-talented and can do almost anything possible on this earth. To maintain a great body and mind, one should follow some routine. Women play multiple roles as mother, wife, daughter, sister and even as a businesswoman (working professional). It is the responsibility of the family to create the environment so that every woman can maintain a healthy life and become a strong pillar for them.

Health Tips for physical improvements:

1. Daily Exercise: Regular exercise is important. If you are not getting time to hit the gym, then no worries! Plan for freehand exercise at home. But bring modification in it every 2 weeks. A study made by the University of Florida revealed that those who modify exercise moves every 2 weeks stick to regular exercises for long when compared to those who change it very frequently or never change at all. By planning your exercise routine this way, you will not face boredom rather enjoy it. Ask for expert advice to select the right exercises for your weight loss and have a perfectly toned body.

2. Care for joints: The body joints workout all day to keep you active and perform daily tasks. So, keeping the joints healthy is important. Ask your doctor to confirm if you can take Glucosamine capsules to keep your joints strong. It is a natural compound which helps in building your cartilage and also protects your existing one. It also supports the body towards repairing of damaged and eroded cartilage by lubricating it and speeding the production of synovial fluid. It gives huge relief to joint pains

Health tips for your meal intake:

3. Raw seed and nuts: You need to include a handful of nuts and raw seeds in your daily diet. It will be a good source of protein and fiber for your body. It will also help in reducing weight.

4. Fresh fruits: Fruits are a good source of vitamin and other essential for the body. It is ideal to take at least 2 fruits per day. It is advisable that you make a mix and match of different colored fruit like red, black, blue, yellow, orange and green. It will help to maintain a shining glow in your skin and keep you away from various diseases.

5. Disciplined meal plan: For the healthy body and steady weight loss, you should never skip any meals. Skipping your meal, especially your breakfast may reduce your weight, but this never helps you to stay fit. Staying fit is by having a balanced meal. Food should be chewed properly for proper digestion. Main meals must include oily fish, green vegetables, chicken, kidney beans, egg, spinach, sweet potato, tomato, and yogurts.

6. Sufficient intake of water and fluid: 6 to 8 glasses of water is a must to take daily to clear the toxins from the body. It is better to lower down the amount of coffee and carbonated sodas with green tea, normal tea, and juices. Always keep your body hydrated.

7. Avoid sugar and spice: We are prone to fast food these days and being a woman you need to ensure you avoid them to go strong. Avoid sugar and replace it with jaggery. Replace refined oil with olive oil. Include steamed food and avoid fried items.

Heath tips for controlling stress:

8. Aromatherapy: Life is full of stress, and if we don’t try to control then it will create a negative impact on our health. Do meditation and set the environment in the room where you meditate. Light up essential oil or perfumed candle and then meditate. This will soothe your mind and release stress. Such type of practice is called aromatherapy.

9. Breathing Exercise: Do breathing exercise whenever you get time. Practicing it several times a day will benefit you. This will help to cool down your mind and make you feel calm.

10. Make friends: Sometimes friends act as positivity boosters in our life. Women do have a tendency to keep problems stored deep down their heart and not share it with others. This acts as a silent killer affecting both mind and soul. Make friends and talk to them when you feel stressed. Chances are high you get good advice and resolve the problem releasing stress from the mind.

11. Find some time for own relaxation: Self-care is very important to lead a healthy and satisfied life. Do yoga, go for outing with friends, do shopping and don’t forget to visit the spa for a body massage. Body massage helps you relive all effects of stress from your body and mind; so, at least 1 visit to the spa is needed every month. Spend time on your beauty, and that will help you feel active, energized, and happy and satisfied in life.


You are precious, and so besides you, your family should support you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The above health tips will work for you only when you follow them with a positive mind. Try them out, and you’ll start experiencing the benefits it is offering to you in the shape of a healthy body and mind.

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