Evidently no one wanted to play “Let’s Make A Deal” with Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey regarding a trade for the top overall pick in the NFL Draft. That means with a little more than 24 hours before NFL commissioner Roger Goodell walks to the podium for the first time, John Dorsey and the Browns are still on the clock.

And with that, it is still a mystery whose name will be called by Goodell, whether it is Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield, Wyoming’s Josh Allen or USC’s Sam Darnold. You get the feeling for all the changes made within the organization, this could still be the same old Cleveland Browns making a selection at the top of the draft like they have so many times before.

NFL.com’s Marc Sessler reported that, “The Browns general manager told NFL Network’s Steve Wyche that he “hasn’t even told [his] wife” who Cleveland will select with the first-overall pick in the draft come Thursday night.”

Things are pretty tight-lipped in Ohio, even if a slew of media is burning up cell phone minutes and cramping their fingers over social media and the Internet.

“Dorsey also confirmed that no legitimate trade offers have filtered in for the first-overall pick, meaning the Browns are on the clock,” Sessler wrote.

“Cleveland’s general manager told Wyche that coaches and scouts have provided input into the process. The team’s draft board has been finalized — and approved by ownership — but Dorsey alone holds final say on who the Browns will select.”

While it is almost a certainty the Cleveland Browns will take a quarterback first overall and either grab running back Saquon Barkley or defensive end Bradley Chubb with the fourth pick, there is a chance Dorsey flips the script, knowing one of the three quarterbacks will be available when Goodell once again calls Cleveland’s name out.

The interest in the fourth pick and Indianapolis’ selection at No. 6 should generate trade talk for those teams looking to jump over Denver to grab a signal caller. Buffalo, Miami and Arizona all could make a call to either or both franchises.

This is the first season John Dorsey has served as general manager of the Browns.

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