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Wait, we’re talking about link building? Some digital marketers that hear “link building” may think it’s an antiquated marketing concept. In the age of voice chat, chatbots, and multimedia content, surely there are more useful digital marketing strategies than link building, right? Interestingly, it may surprise you to learn that link building is actually closely tied to the majority of successful digital marketing strategies out there. In fact, if it’s not for organic link building, we may not even be able to enjoy the organic traffic we’re experiencing now. If you’re looking for a quick recap for the many benefits you can enjoy through both link building and organic link building, this article will help you out. What’s Organic Link Building? We’ve mentioned two concepts above, link building and organic link building. Simply put, link building refers to the process of spreading backlinks to your website across different sources and platforms. This can come in the form of guest posts, advertisements, and even sponsored articles. Organic link building takes this a step further, where instead of simply just spreading your backlinks to all platforms that allow it, you take a more organic and natural approach. This encompasses steps that can acquire organic traffic such as:
  • Creating content that caters to user needs and interest.
  • Building relationships with websites and platforms that are in-line with your niche.
  • Gathering authentic traffic that can result in increased conversions.
Why Go for Link Building? This brings us back to our conversation – why even do these things for link building? Turns out, taking the effort to build links properly can bring a lot of benefits to your company and your brand. Here’s why digital marketers should care more about their organic link building efforts: Link Building With Other Marketing Strategies
  1. Take advantage of content marketing to get more leads for less costs. One of the best things about link building is that it’s generally cheap, considering how you can write blog posts without having to spend a dime. While great content in your site can drive traffic, great guest posts for other websites can tap into their readership and get you increased subscribers, leads, and even customers. This can be very helpful, considering content marketing can get you thrice as many leads for 62-percent less cost.
  2. Link building can help you establish relevance in your niche. According to 72-percent of digital marketers, better SEO relies a lot on establishing relevance in your niche. Creating content and centering your digital marketing strategy around search terms (instead of just putting them into content) can greatly boost your traffic. Moreover, using links that expound knowledge or statistics you mention can definitely help anchor your brand into industry relevance.
Tap into Link Building to Make Better Content
  1. Useful links in your user-centric content can drive more traffic back to your site. When we talk of content marketing, we don’t just refer to making blogs. Rather, it’s about the effective creation of content that appeals to consumers and meets their needs. Link building can increase the efficiency of content marketing when you make sure links to your products or services you embed in your content are actually useful to your readers. You can also tap into a much larger audience-base with effective content, considering 77-percent of internet users also read blogs. If you get them to click your links back to your content, you can potentially get more conversions and even sales.
  2. Updating your content with better links can increase your potential to earn traffic. Instead of just removing old content in your site, you can repurpose your “inefficient” content into more useful pieces. This not only preserves the unique content you’ve made, but you can also tailor it to fit a more targeted audience. Adding more useful links to your updated content may also help your newer content give that additional boost to traffic and conversions.
  3. Unique content can help you become a powerhouse in your brand. While the general rule of content creation is to link to useful sources, becoming the source for others to link back to naturally can help your traffic grow exponentially. Being a content marketing leader can help your site get 7.8-times higher unique site traffic compared to those that just link back to them in terms of year-over-year growth. This is why a link building service may encourage building unique content that answers user concerns, as they tend to attract both users and other industry figures into following your brand.
  4. Link building can accommodate multiple audiences through custom content. With more users clamoring for options to customize their shopping experience, it makes sense to create content that accommodates different users across different parts of the customer cycle. You can tap into link building to make sure readers can encounter useful links within your pieces that they can use to enrich their knowledge in your niche. This not only helps your brand look more reliable, but this can help build your authority in your niche.
Reach More in Social Media with Link Building
  1. Tap into a larger user-base with traffic from social media. Link building with social media can help you appeal to more niche communities and groups in social media. Considering Facebook alone has 2.38-billion monthly active users, appealing to them with the right content can get you the traffic you need to your blogs and even online stores. Links in your posts that take people to useful resources and pages can be an effective way to reach groups specifically built to discuss things about your chosen industry.
  2. Effective links in social media can boost leads and conversions in your online stores. If you’re handling an online store, you can get better traffic and conversions if you provide useful content in your social media pages. 43-percent of online shops have reported to enjoy increased traffic thanks to their content in social media pages. Effective link building can bring your readers not just to your ecommerce platforms, but also to more content in your site.
  3. Influencer marketing can generate more trust in your brand. You can also rely on influencers and other websites to “boost” or promote your website, its offerings, and your services. For instance, 70-percent of YouTube subscribers that are teenagers tend to give more trust to the suggestions of online influencers compared to famous celebrities. If you can get an influencer to use your offerings and include your links to their captions and descriptions, you may get better traffic.
More mobile users can reach your site with the right marketing
  1. Mobile users can boost your traffic with local search. It’s important to consider that 40-percent of smartphone users today spend their time looking for nearby businesses. If you want to boost your appeal to local audiences, especially if you have a physical store, it may help to make sure links that exist across your content can easily be viewed and accessed in mobile phones and devices.
  2. Seamless mobile experiences can increase appeal. Tailoring your website to accommodate mobile devices can also make “transitioning” to them via your backlinks much smoother. In fact, 83-percent of viewers stay with brands that give them a smooth viewing experience when checking out their content across desktops, phones, and tablets. When you plan on incorporating your link building strategy to multiple platforms, make sure your content can be viewable across different devices so your backlinks can connect these pieces of content more seamlessly.
Take Advantage of Multimedia with Link Building
  1. Visual content improves brand recall and chances of interaction. Embedding your links into visual content like videos and infographics can be a great way to boost traffic coming to your site. That’s because people can recall up to 65-percent of the visuals they see, and remember them even three days later. You can tap into this knowledge to make more engaging visual content – from videos to graphics, and even advertisements. Convincing people to read more in-depth reports through links you embed in multimedia can be very helpful in boosting traffic.
  2. Multimedia content can be just as powerful as written content in driving traffic. If you get enough traffic on your video content, you can get twice the search traffic as your video will likely end up in search results. Don’t hesitate incorporating relevant links to your website within your video and its captions or descriptions, especially if it will help expound the subjects you’re discussing. Spreading your video across multiple platforms can give you that much-needed boost to traffic in your site.
  3. Creative links in ads and other content can boost appeal. While it’s true that ads play an integral role in our brand growth, we shouldn’t rely on them a lot to drive traffic. It’s discovered that Google penalizes websites with advertisements that consume more than 15-percent of any page. Incorporating your links into content that doesn’t appear overly promotional can help remedy this issue. You can also enjoy better traffic if your advertisements should still contain useful information for your audiences.
  4. User-tailored ads can generate more traffic. Instead of just making average or general-user advertisements, consider making more location-specific or needs-specific advertisements. This makes your ads more tailored to user needs and appear less annoying to viewers. This strategy, coupled with useful links across your ads, can make link building be more seamless and boost traffic not just to your ad, but other relevant pages as well.
Link Building Benefits are Multidimensional With the above tips taken into consideration, it’s important to understand that link building benefits your brand across different dimensions of your marketing. Moreover, you can also use link building in conjunction with your other marketing strategies such as content marketing, social media marketing, and even email marketing. When used correctly, organic link building is also closely tied to processes that help increase traffic, conversions, and revenue for your brand. Author Bio: Rhenn is a Manila-based writer with a penchant for science and technology, health and wellness, and even geek and pop culture. He wants to make sure his pieces are just as entertaining as they are informative, and he loves to write about things that would educate his viewers on things they may not have even heard of. If he’s not writing, he’s probably eating chicken wings and Korean barbecue, or saving the world in tabletop roleplaying games.    

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