Things a man notices in a woman

I am writing this article out of experience and a little interest in the results of a caul conversation that I had with some people. The conversation had participants who had been my lovers and boyfriends and some friends. Some men and even some women are highly sexual creatures. They like sex genuinely and can feel horny at any time. I have noted that they make really good lovers when you just want to be fucked hard. But not diverting from the topic, men can get hard without physical touch in some cases. This article may seem a tad superficial, but sex happens, and men do get hard looking at certain things. Here are the five things a man notices in a woman and gets erected.


This may seem unusual as it isn’t a sex organ, but lips do arouse men. Some like it glossy and some get excited when they see a pair of red painted lips. Most women wear the red lip colour when they are feeling sexy and powerful. Many at this time are willing to let out their sexual goddess and men can feel that. Also, it makes the lips look fuller and it incites men to want to do things to it, like suck on it. I have seen plenty of men get attracted to deep coloured or painted lips and they want to make out more.


Cleavage is the tried and tested part that can make men hard. Well, its cleavage plus the part that you don’t show that builds excitement. On top of that if there is a little lace of the bra peeking or your nipples are pointed then there is the feeling of wanting to touch and play with them. Men would imagine what they could be doing with those great pair of tits and soon imagination can make the body react.


The sideboob is a very itty bitty show of women’s breasts. It highlights the fullness of the boobs and again spurs the imagination. Of course, the side boob is usually visible when there is no bra and men can hope that they get to see your full boob or nipples. And if they do see the full breast then it can act as a view that causes excitement.


The clitoris is the woman’s penis and thank god men know that now. So, if they can see your clit means they are quite intimate with your body. A glistening, protruding nub appears when someone has stimulated it. And if a man goes down on a woman, it means that he feels excited too. Seeing the woman react when a man touches her clitoris, rubs it or pinches it can make men very hard.


The pussy is the main sex organ in a woman. And the sight of that can make men quite excited. A well lubricated, dripping pussy can make men want to have sex. The thought of sex and a woman who is willing to satisfy him should be enough to turn him on and make him hard.

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  1. “The clitoris is the woman’s penis and thank god men know that now…. A glistening, protruding nub appears when someone has stimulated it.”

    -Is this column really written by a woman? A profound lack of female anatomy knowledge can be (partially) understandable in a man, but a woman? Discouraging! Although in utero, the penis and clitoral organ may start from the same embryonic tissue, but comparing the mature penis to the mature clitoral complex is not even suitable for pre-adolescents, let alone adults who engage in physical sex.

    Approximately 75% of the penis is exposed, the rest remaining within. It is a passage for both urine and seman. The clitoral complex is a huge with 3-4% exposed, and does not pass urine. Although, the external “glistening, protruding nub” has 10 times the nerve ending as a penis gets the most attention due to its visibility, the full clitoral complex has a large bilateral internal mass that runs along the roof of the vaginal canal, with varied positioning throughout the pelvic region for different woman.

    Do everyone a favor, do some homework and present some knowledgeable sexual information.

    Sheesh: “the pussy is the main sex organ in a woman”, really? That’s supposed to be helpful?

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