Introducing Chii by Miss Chii: a new line added to the U.K. MissChii luxury lingerie brand. Nottingham (U.K.)-based fashionpreneur, Chiedza Dawn Ziyambe, announced the addition of a new line to her MissChii lingerie brand – Chii by MissChii. The parent brand MissChii was launched in March 2020 as a high-quality underwear line for voluptuous women and now she unveils a sensuous new line Chii by Miss Chii for all bust sizes.

“After launching MissChii and gaining a strong following, I realized I was getting a lot of enquiries from non-big-busted customers wanting to order from the original line which started from a U.K. D to JJ cup which is equivalent to U.S D to M cup. I finally got tired of turning them down and decided to expand and sell to all women. Then I thought, why not create a new line?!”

Chiedza Dawn created the artistry herself as she did with MissChii. All pieces are made from high-quality satin with embroidered detail. “As with our first collection, we have sourced the highest quality material and all pieces are hand-made here in England. I am also working with the same team which is great as we have a wonderful synergy that means we all aim for the same high standard.”

Like the first collection, the models used for Chii by MissChii demonstrate that the designs can flatter all shades of beauty and body types. This is in line with the brand’s mission to make every woman feel sexy in their skin. Customers can order from the new collection from 8pm today by visiting New customers who sign up to receive regular newsletters from MissChiiwill receive a 10% discount on their first purchase.


About Miss Chii

Miss Chii launched in March 2020 as a high-end lingerie line for full-busted women. The line is designed by founder Chiedza Dawn who works with a team of a garment technician, machinist and cutter, who together have over 70 years of experience in the industry. She designs and her team brings those designs to life using the much sought-after French Lever’s lace and pure silk. Originally manufactured in  Nottingham in 1813, Lever’s laces are now made in France, mostly in Calais, but one manufacturer can still be found in the East Midlands region. 

The first collection was ‘Flame Lily 2020’ inspired by the flame lily flower. It includes three designs – Dema, Superba and Gloriosa –  that fuse silk Afro-centric prints that accent traditional lingerie colours bringing a fun and flirty feel to the sets.

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