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2 years after Eric Garner’s death: Is it getting better?

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On July 17th, it will mark two years since Eric Garner was killed by police in Staten Island, New York. Since this incident occurred there has been several incidents where African-Americans are killed for no reason. So as much as the Garner family and Rev. Al Sharpton want a change, we are far from change and it is getting worse.

Gun violence is something that has been something our country has faced for a long time, but it’s getting rammed up now in 2016 as people can easily have access to guns. I feel bad for African-Americans who basically have to walk on eggshells. For some reason, there are some bad cops who assume the worst case scenario.

There is a trend going on in this country and be that the world that is scary, but this is an example of it. The trend going around the world is people feel it’s easier to single out one group for no particular reason. Recently, Donald Trump has been pushing to deport all Muslims. Between Donald Trump’s plan to deport all Muslims and how African-Americans are always being targeted by the cops, it should be clear as day that we have a problem in this country.

I feel the only way we can even start to fix these problems is stop pointing fingers and starting working together. I am aware this is a tall task as the United States is a country full of different people. However, if we don’t come together and start working this problem will only get worse and cause more tension in our country.

Although NBA stars Lebron James, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwayne Wade talked about the gun violence facing our country. I don’t think it did anything because the violence is still going on. One of the reasons why this will take some time is the NRA (National Riffle Association) having as much pull as they have in Washington.

The people who died at the hands of the police like Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Tamir Scott, and so on are wrong and not right. But it will take a long time before you see any significant change because of the pull of the NRA.

Overall, right now is a scary time in the world. You have incredible tension in Europe, gun violence on the rise in America, ISIS using different forms of techniques to carry out missions and you have an election in the United States with a presidential candidate in Donald Trump who I am truthfully afraid will make it worse. I brought up gun violence just to show one example of the rising tension both here in the United States and around the world.

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