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2013 NBA Finals: The Clinching Shot By Tony Parker Is It The Play Of The 2013 NBA Playoffs?

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In game one of the 2013 NBA Finals the San Antonio Spurs held a two point lead and got the ball to their best player, point guard Tony Parker just past the three-point line. He got the defensive mismatch in Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh who didn’t allow him to create enough space to either drive to the hoop or pull up for a jumper.

Bosh’s effort forced Parker into the defense of LeBron James and it seemed that a shot clock violation was coming as  he had no room to operate or get a shot off due to the outstanding defense and worst of all he slipped. So, it looked like the veteran Spurs team would rely on their defense in the closing seconds of the game to win.

Yet, the slip turned out to foil James’ defense and allowed Parker to turn back towards the hoop, avoid the shot getting blocked from behind and bank the shot in just before time expired on the shot clock. The referees ruled the shot good on the original call and then used replay to verify  that ruling, which was also that the shot was good.

With the shot clinching game one of the finals has it become the play of the 2013 NBA Playoffs? At this point the answer is yes.

Here’s the video of the shot:

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