Eugenie Bouchard is a fan favorite with the tennis-loving Australian crowd. So popular that a group of rabid fans refer to themselves as the “Genie Army”. Despite her popularity, Genie is still improving her craft, but she didn’t expect twirling to be a part of that.

After Bouchard easily defeated Kiki Bertens by a score of 6-0, 6-3, she took questions for an on-court interview. While nothing question is uncommon to Bouchard (During last year’s Australian Open she was asked whom her ideal date would be.) the request that followed wasn’t what she was expecting.

“Can you give us a twirl?”

In the only way she could Bouchard replied,

“A twirl?” 

Meanwhile, the interviewer was amazed at Bouchard’s on court attire, asking the crowd to take in her wonderful ensemble of a pink skirt and top with yellow straps. Genie took her twirl and buried her face in her hands.

It is customary for female players to take a twirl and acknowledge the crowd after a match. During Serena Williams first-round win on Tuesday the same interviewer asked Serena the same question, to which she happily obliged.

After Bouchard’s awkward on court twirl, she spoke to reporter’s and explained there are some minor differences to herself and Serena.

“Serena is good at her twirl. She does them all the time, Maybe I should cut a hole in my top tonight and show off my back like Serena.”

Bouchard also added the following regarding the now infamous request.

“It was unexpected. I don’t know an old guy asking you to twirl. It was weird.”

Bouchard is going to win many more matches in her young career, so she better improve her post-match twirl.

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