With the cameras set to roll in April, on Warner’s adaptation of DC’s Suicide Squad, a casting choice needs to be made soon for the role of Rick Flagg.

First it appeared that Tom Hardy was locked in for the role of Rick Flagg, but then he broke out due scheduling conflicts. Then there was speculation that Jake Gyllenhaal may be sought to take over the role, but then he decided to pass on the offer for undisclosed reasons.

So here we are again, and there are two new actors who may be in the running for the role of Rick Flagg. Wait, that’s not all. There is now mention of an actor who may also be up for the role of Deathstroke. Yeah, that’s right. I said Deathstroke.

According to a report from CinemaBlend, Joel Edgerton and John Bernthal are the two new actors being eyed to fill the vacancy left on the Suicide Squad when Hardy left.

Bernthal had been mentioned back in November, when casting rumors first began to circulate. Director David Ayers has already worked with Bernthal on the movie Fury, so casting Bernthal would make sense. Of course, that’s what many people thought when Gyllenhaal was mentioned to take over the role.

Edgerton’s potential in this role may have a huge upside. Not only has he got the acting chops to pull it off, but he has already taken on some physically demanding roles in the movies Warrior and Zero Dark Thirty.

Should one of these two actors be cast as Rick Flagg, it could be huge for their career. That is, of course, assuming that this casting rumor has even a grain of truth.

Now let’s address that Deathstroke rumor. It looks like Joe Manganiello (True Blood, Sabotage) could be a contender to play the world’s greatest assassin(or at least the greatest in the DC Universe), Deathstroke. This rumor is also unsubstantiated, but I feel Manganiello could present a very intimidating physical presence as Deathstroke.

Suicide Squad casting rumors need to become casting facts pretty soon, if Warner Bros. have any hope of holding to their intended start date for production. Otherwise they may find themselves pushing their release date further back from August 5th of 2016.

If any readers have opinions about who should be cast in any of the remaining roles for Suicide Squad, feel free to comment.






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