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2016 U.S. Election: GOP Establishment vs. Donald Trump Round 2?

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By: Hunter Holdridge

Former 2012 presidential candidate and Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, made a complete fool of himself with his recent comments regarding Donald Trump. It’s that plain and simple and it shows across social media in America.

Flashback to the 2012 race (if you can bear it) and look at what Romney did. “Nothing” is correct and his numbers were abysmal. The GOP establishment is in disarray right now and Trump is playing this poker game with an ace under each hand.

Trump knew the GOP was weak and ripe for the taking with an outspoken voice that wouldn’t back down from a fight. Trump called Romney a “phony” and doesn’t believe that Romney meant the statement “Trump would be a danger to this country.” I do think the GOP is using Romney to “rally” the establishment but in all due respect it’s too late and a waste of time, which is why, the people of America are tired of politicians on either side.

I do side with Trump in saying that the Romney statements were “contrived.” The GOP has a major problem and it started during the latter years of the Bush Presidency. They lost touch with voters a long time ago and it hasn’t changed. Love or hate Trump he’s clearly here to stay and from the looks of things “win the Republican ticket!” The GOP needs to swallow it’s pride and accept the fact this isn’t the party from the Reagan administration and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Sure Trump deserves his fair share or criticism on certain issues but that doesn’t mean he’s not a strong candidate. Has Trump changed politics because of the emotional anger within the American people? Numbers clearly show his support across the board and if he holds true to his word could make a huge financial impact on the country’s economic system.

Before the recent Republican debate in Detroit, all candidates including Trump vowed to support the Republican nominee whomever it may be. So when you have candidates pledging support and other senator’s/ governor’s showing support for Trump if he’s indeed the fact the nominee, then the GOP establishment needs to get behind him 100% and quit with the “3 candidate” race making Trump run the Independent ticket.

Even with all the problems the GOP have, the Democratic Party is having similar issues on the aspect that only 2 candidates were even worth putting out there. That’s embarrassing for the party if you ask me. You have a socialist—no matter how radical he actually is—in Bernie Sanders and then you have a candidate under FBI investigating for releasing classified information with a personal email server in Hillary Clinton.

At least the socialist (Sanders) didn’t lie to the families’ faces of the Americans soldiers and citizens who lost their lives in Benghazi like Clinton did. So one side is a mess in they don’t have more than two candidates who have no idea how to govern a nation and the other side who still think its 1988 and have a man like Trump leading by a wide margin.

This “great” country isn’t looking so great anymore and both parties have let down the American people who made this country what it is today. So we’re stuck with choosing the lesser of two evils in 2016 instead.

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