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Isaiah Wynn (Saturday, October 7, 2017. Photo/Jane Snyder, www.janemarysnyder.com)
Isaiah Wynn (Saturday, October 7, 2017. Photo/Jane Snyder, www.janemarysnyder.com) Isaiah Wynn (Saturday, October 7, 2017. Photo/Jane Snyder, www.janemarysnyder.com)
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2018 NFL Draft: Georgia Guard Isaiah Wynn

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ARLINGTON- Georgia Bulldogs left guard Isaiah Wynn is a must for an offensive line that needs better pass and run blocking. He excels at blocking on both types of plays so he doesn’t lack technique on either one. In fact, Wynn’s proper techniques are the best skills he brings to the table. He is really good strength too but his technique and great football instincts make him the offensive lineman that every team wants.

Football intelligence is most notable on the offensive line. Wynn has an insanely high football IQ for a draft prospect and this will serve him well at the next level. The team that drafts Wynn will get a smart, nasty blocker that shows grit and determination on every play. Wynn is clearly a disciplined blocker who spends many hours watching game film. He bends his knees and hips properly which gives him an edge over any defender he blocks. He could block the greats like Fletcher Cox and Gerald McCoy. That sounds insane but just watch the game film and it will become obvious why he can block any defender at the NFL level. He is great at holding his block until the whistle blows. Teams may want to ask their quarterbacks what they think of Wynn. There is a good chance every single starting quarterback will tell their general manager and coach that they want Wynn on the team.

Every time Wynn drops his hips, he beats the defender he blocks. He always seemed to own the matchup regardless of which defensive player tried to get past him.  He also squares his body up properly to make sure defenders have no chance of getting past him. According to NFL.com’s scouting report, Wynn still needs to improve on holding his blocks rather than chasing defenders. Some teams may want to switch him to left tackle so he may be valuable to teams like the Cleveland Browns for example.

Draft projection

Wynn is likely a late first round or early second round selection. There isn’t much of a chance he will be available after the 38th overall pick.

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