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The Buffalo Bills have acquired Stefon Diggs from the Minnesota Vikings late Monday Night.  Time to break down the Winners and losers from the trade that sent Stefon to Buffalo.


Stefon Diggs: He clearly didn’t want to be in Minnesota anymore and he got his wish.  Starting last year after OTA’s, he seemed a little off and distant from his teammates with the exception of Adam Thielen.

Josh Allen: Josh Allen is a young Quarterback who likes to sling the ball deep, and with Stefon Diggs catching the deep ball the way he did last year this should be a perfect pair, at least until Allen overthrows Diggs by 15 yards.

Rick Spielman: Rick Spielman received a massive haul for Stefon Diggs with this trade including a first round pick.  Rick has repeatedly said that the Vikings had every intention to keep Stefon Diggs, the same way the Vikings had every intention to keep Percy Harvin however Rick traded Harvin for a haul also.  Spielman got more for Diggs then the Texans got for DeAndre Hopkins, that’s saying something in getting the most value for your players.

Buffalo Bills Fans: Diggs is a unique personality who will find time to spend with fans.  In Minnesota before game days you can always see Diggs spending time playing catch with the fans before the game.  After the game you can see Diggs passing out his gloves and Gameday cleats to fellow Vikings fans.

NFC North Defenders: Diggs was one of the best route runners in the NFL, and it showed against NFC North foes.  Now that Stefon is out of the NFC North, the Lions, Packers, and Bears can sleep easier for now.


Stefon Diggs: Diggs got his wish, however he’s going to a colder climate in Buffalo.  Diggs hasn’t had the same success from outside games as he has inside US Bank Stadium.  How will his game turn out in the snow of Buffalo?  We’ll see

Kirk Cousins: Cousins loses his reliable deep threat target in Diggs.  A majority of Cousins’ deep balls last year were to Diggs who made the big plays for Captain Kirk last year.

The Vikings Cap situation: While the Vikings got a big haul for Diggs; they also took a big cap hit.  $9 million against the cap isn’t favorable especially with the tight cap Minnesota already has to deal with.

Vikings fans: See Buffalo Bills fans above.

Overall Grade: Buffalo, A-

Minnesota: the Compensation A+, the result we’ll see in a couple years

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