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Hookup Culture in Europe
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Hookup Culture in Europe to Find a Short Term Partner

European dating and hookup culture in Europe has changed as the hookup culture has taken over the world. From western countries to more traditional Asian countries, one can see its impact. Although in traditional and some Asian countries, it is very hush, but it still occurs. In Europe or western nations people are more open about it and it is completely normal to hookup with someone for one night or a just for a few days or weeks. The important thing is it isn’t serious nor long term. It is just for now, short term, as people aren’t ready for something serious right away in their lives. In fact, hooking up and sex is considered to be a part of something called the European Experience.

You could say that it is more prevalent among the younger population who experience a higher level of the sense of freedom. Millennials dominate the world population and they like travelling. People usually backpack across Europe. And studies have shown that these backpackers consider promiscuous sexual activity to be adventurous and an act of freedom. So where can one find a short-term partner or someone for a quick hookup? Here area few places and ways.

Pubs – Pubs are a good place to meet new people. Often there are pub crawls undertaken by a group of young people and it just means that you are more exposed to a singles crowd. I mean, you wouldn’t usually find a dad of two out on pub crawl at 3 in the night right. So, it is mostly singles, people who are on a holiday who do this. Again, this is a good chance to meet locals in Europe and if you hit it off with someone, then great!

Hostel – Hostels are almost like a community living space. They are cheap where you share a room with others, who are travelling. People use hostels for various reasons. They could be on a budget or just want to find a group to socialise with, to travel with or see local places with. Living in a hostel would mean that you want to find like-minded people to have a good time. People gather in the common areas to socialise and it is one good way to find a hookup as you travel.

Music Festivals – Music festivals attract a large crowd. There is a lot of dancing, drinking and partying late into the night. It is one of the best ways to meet other singles who are willing to spend with you, on a short-term basis and just have fun.

Dating apps and sites – Dating apps and sites have revolutionised short term relationships and hookup culture in Europe has changed the way people used to date earlier. When Tinder was launched, many used it exclusively for hook-ups and one-night stands. Tinder also release a feature called “Passport” that allowed travelling singles to meet anywhere in the world. So, you could meet someone London, Paris or Berlin as you travel, even if you live in Ireland. One could say dating apps are quite popular as they are convenient and quick. Its on your phone and whenever you have time, you could take a quick look and if you like someone’s profile you swipe right. Some of the best European dating sites list has allowed many to find partners for them. These are more for causal dates and people looking for short term connections.

Tour group – A tour group is an amazing way to have fun and meet other people. If you are single and you meet someone else who is also single, then there are opportunities to explore. A tour group would mean that both are travelling and looking for experiences. This is a good way to find a hookup in Europe.

European dating and hookup culture in Europe is more open, as we can see from various kinds of dating apps. There are apps for queer women, mature adults etc. Because  of the openness and acceptance, the hookup culture thrives.

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