Sebastian Jimenez moved to Los Angeles to pursue his studies at “Los Angeles College of Music” where he obtained a degree in music specializing in guitar performance, at the same time he produced and mastered his music that helped him give him a place in the industry.

Sebastian recorded in the “Beautiful Blue” EP of Kairvina, mastered the EP “Eat the World” of his main band High Society Homeless and has recorded with Hgroove on some of his songs such as “Que Pasa” and “Amazing Life”.

He started playing the guitar at age 13 and was very influenced by blues and classic rock. Nowadays he can be found playing different genres of music in places like the famous Whiskey Go Go, theaters like the Dolby Theater and arenas like the Forum.

In 2017 Sebastian performed the song “Mas Buena” at the Latin American Music Awards with Gloria Trevi and Alejandra Guzman being the main guitarist of the show. Sebastian shared “they called me to perform with them because they had heard me playing before and they liked my work. Also, they needed a rock and roll looking guitarist so I was the perfect fit for them.”

In 2019 he shared the stage as a special guest with the popular Mexican band Maná at the acclaimed Forum Arena.

“Put yourself in-front of 16,000 people shouting at you and imagine how that sounds, even louder that my guitar. The fans loved the show and playing with Mana is incredible. Every member of the band has a huge heart and they show it on stage and outside the stage.” Sebastian said.

The guitarist and artist is recognized and admired for his incredible stage presence and talent with the instrument. Sebastian always demonstrates and transmits his energy and passion both through live performances and in recording sessions that attracts the attention of the audience that appreciates it.

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