A filling and nutritious breakfast is a crucial component of your child’s health, and it’s tough to deliver the breakfast your kid needs using something store-bought or frozen. On the other hand, making time to prepare a full breakfast can seem next to impossible on busy school mornings.

Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways to whip up something enticing and healthy for your children to eat before school. These are a few of our favorite healthy and quick recipes that can be completed in fifteen minutes or less without sacrificing flavor or nutritional value.

Granola Parfaits

A well-made parfait will look like dessert to your children, but yogurt can actually provide a wide range of health benefits including an increase in energy. You won’t have any trouble getting your kids to fill up on this nutritional, naturally vegetarian meal for kids which is also relatively low in added sugar.

Parfaits are simple to make, with a layer of granola at the bottom, then yogurt on top. Try a few different types of granola and yogurt, or experiment with creative parfait toppings like nuts, dried or fresh fruit, or honey. Giving your children some input into how their food is made will help them enjoy their breakfast even more.

Egg Scrambles

Another dish that offers protein and other important nutrients, egg scrambles are just as flavorful and healthy as their omelette counterparts while being significantly easier to put together. Like parfaits, scrambles allow your children to choose their own toppings and customize their breakfast.

Start by sautéing diced ham in a skillet, then whisk together eggs, milk, and salt and pepper. Pour in the egg mixture and continue cooking for about four or five minutes. You can add in other toppings such as chives and cheddar right before removing the eggs from the pan. This is also an easy recipe to double or triple as necessary.


Paninis are another quick and easy way to integrate eggs into your child’s breakfast. Eggs provide a range of important nutrients including iron, vitamin B12, and zinc, along with enough protein to keep your kids full throughout the morning.

Start by scrambling the eggs and cooking them into a sandwich shape, then top them with ham and cheese. Next, place the ham between halves of soft rolls and grill both sides of each sandwich until they reach the desired texture. This quick and easy recipe will get you through even the busiest of school mornings.

Cooking for yourself and your family can be a lot to manage, especially when combined with so many other responsibilities. These three recipes will help you provide your children with a healthy and nutritious breakfast, regardless of what else you have going on.

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