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3 Social Games to Play with Friends Online

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As naturally social creatures, we must get enough interaction with our friends and loved ones. With recent lockdown restrictions, which has been more difficult than usual. However, there are still various ways we can stay connected, especially through Zoom parties and social media challenges like Tiktok dances, and quizzes.

However, with how long these restrictions have been put in place, the majority of these initially novel activities have become a little bit boring and repetitive. If you are finding that more and more people are dropping out of your custom-made quiz night, or are ghosting your latest social media challenge, then perhaps it’s time to shake things up again and try something different and unique.

Here are three quality social activities and games you can do over the internet to hopefully have a blast with your friends.


Online Bingo

I know what you’re thinking: seriously, bingo?

It may be a pastime that is traditionally associated with the older generation. Still, since the introduction of online varieties, the demographic has seen a massive shift, with the common players being those under 50. There’s a good reason for this, bingo is incredibly fun and wonderfully accessible. Due to many online bingo sites using chat rooms, it’s become a hugely social game that allows you to connect not only with your top friends but complete strangers as well. There’s also plenty of game types, including 30, 60, and 90 ball bingo, and even weird concepts such as the uniquely popular Joker bingo, where the game is played with cards instead of numbered balls.

If online bingo piques your interest, you can compare bingo sites here to find one that best suits you and your social group.


Cards Against Humanity

This activity is a far riskier option and should only be played with those you are closest to and most comfortable with. The reason for this is because this game can bring out your dark side in hilarious and embarrassing ways. The premise is simple enough: you’re dealt cards and are tasked to use those cards to create funny and comedic phrases.

However, a lot of the options on the cards are slightly twisted, so this better suits groups with a more liberal sense of humor.

This game has predominantly been played with physical cards. Still, there are now well made online versions where you can create you on private game room and invite up to 6 players to partake in hilarious online action; however, if you share your computer with another, it might be best to go incognito with this one.


The Chubby Bunny Challenge

This has been a longstanding game, usually played on playgrounds and camping trips, but is easily transferable to Zoom calls with a bit of pre-planning. The game is simple for this and a bit more family-friendly too. You simple have to shove as many marshmallows you physically can into your mouth, with the winner being the person who can shovel in the most.

Of course, with all those treats being stockpiled in your mouth and cheeks you can end up with some hilarious facial deformations. Just make sure that you are sensible enough to avoid choking, and that your friends aren’t recording their screen so that your unflattering attempt at this game doesn’t end up on social media.


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