Tiger Safari tours are one of the biggest attractions of India. India being a land that boasts of dense forests and thick jungles with a wide variety of flora and fauna offers one of the best destinations for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers to go on nature and adventure-packed tours.

Of all the wildlife attractions in India, Tigers are the most raved and exciting creatures that tourists and wildlife enthusiasts alike, are curious to spot. Tiger Safaris in India is planned by expert wildlife keepers and safari riders who are locals to the jungle.

Tiger safari packages in India can assure tourists of tiger sightings because of the sheer population of tigers in this country, provided we play by their rules.

Taking a Tiger Safari Tour

India has many national parks and reserved forests with special designated Tiger reserves in areas where the tiger population has been left to thrive. Once an endangered species in India, Tigers have been rehabilitated and conserved by the local authorities and the government bodies to ensure they populate and rise in number.

Now India has a huge chunk of lush tiger reserves and a healthy number of tigers who thrive in these green fortresses. Tiger Safari tours are organized by the tourism partners and are run under the able leadership of the Indian Tourism board along with the local forest authorities.

These safaris ensure that they take on expectant tiger spotters on a journey through their well-planned corridors where tigers are known to frequent. Water holes, hunting grounds, and deep forest beds serve as the best tiger spotting locations which have been carefully planned and devised by the tour operators and safari riders.

A Safari Rider or a team of tour operators usually take tourists in a jeep or a van inside the forest with a set of precautions and rules that every tourist must abide by. Due to some common mistakes made by the tourists, the entire batch may miss out on spotting a tiger.

Below are the 4 most common mistakes tourists make on safaris:

1. Being Loud and Chatty

As tourists, they may be excited to see a tiger or any other wildlife but it is essential that they keep as quiet as possible as these animals, especially tigers thrive in silence. Being a primal predator, they can easily flee away from loud noises and hence cause you to miss out on a sighting. Extreme silence will cause no alarm to the tiger who then can appear in its most natural form.

2. Photography with Flash

Flash photography can startle any animal, especially a tiger, who may run away or even get enraged. Flash photography is strictly prohibited in tiger safaris and this may cause the animal to take off

3. Trying to step out of the Vehicle

Stepping out of the vehicle when you are stationed at a spotting point is highly risky and therefore forbidden by law. A tourist stepping down can not only risk their own lives but of the entire crew. Always stay inside the vehicle and never step out unless at breakpoints

4. Not following your Safari Guide

A safari guide has expertise with regard to all routes and areas where tigers are most spotted. Guides also know how to call for a tiger using natural cues. Stay in close proximity and always follow their instructions carefully or you may miss out on a sighting.

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