Love tends to grow with the physical intimacy between partners. Whether it is romantic gifts or desirable accessories, you often try new ideas to make love flourish. But, sometimes, decreased physical satisfaction can fade the love away. Performance anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and self-consciousness can deter you and your partner from enjoying the whole process of love-making and a satisfactory climax.

These problems can eventually lead to emotional and physical distress.


How CBD Affects Your Love Life

CBD is the new-age potent ingredient that can prove to be a one-stop solution for various sexual issues that make love fade from your life. It’s a significant, natural, and active ingredient present in cannabis. Popular for its innumerable health benefits, CBD can address various physical and psychological problems without getting you high.

It interacts with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that consists of a network of cannabinoid receptors that runs all through the body and provides overall homeostasis. It stimulates the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the ECS and regulates various functions in the body, including the immune system, digestion, heart health, sexual drive, etc.

What’s more, CBD can be used in various forms, including oils, creams, lotions, lubes, and vapes. The rising demand for CBD and it’s legalization has resulted in manufacturers producing a variety of innovative products. In fact, CBD edibles are the latest addition to the list.

The Remedy Review survey shows that CBD edibles like gummies are used by 29 percent of users for a better sexual experience.

What the Research Says

A 2017 report shows that cannabis use can stimulate specific cannabinoid receptors in the brain that can increase sexual desire. CBD, which indirectly affects the CB1 receptors, can be useful in treating low sexual desire. Additionally, a 2019 research reveals that the use of cannabis can enhance the sexual drive, orgasm, lubrication, and overall sexual experience in women.

A Remedy Review survey also revealed that approximately 68 percent of people have experienced better sex after using CBD while 64 percent revealed it was efficient for increasing their mood and increased sexual arousal.


How CBD Can Boost Your Love Life

Using CBD daily is the easiest way to make your love life everlasting and more exciting. Here are four reasons why to consider CBD to reignite your romance.

1.    CBD Combats Stress

Physical intimacy depends on your emotional well-being. A stressed mind affects the focus and performance during sex. Fear of satisfying your partner, poor body image, and problems in a relationship can often escalate anxiety. These can instigate stress and mar the pleasure of being intimate. Studies show stress decreases the cortisol levels which, in turn, lowers the libido, especially in females. Stress can also constrict the blood vessels and lead to less blood flow into the penis resulting in a poor erection.

High Supplies makes pure CBD oil that can reduce anxiety and relieve stress by triggering the specific receptors in the body. It can encourage the blood flow in the tissues and increases the sensations for better performance. It can also reduce inhibitions, calm the mind, promote the feeling of relaxation, and enhance sexual pleasure.

2.    CBD Enhances the Love Hormone

Oxytocin, which is often known as the ‘love hormone’, can help produce the ‘joy molecule’, anandamide. CBD enhances the anandamide, which is related to oxytocin hormones and produces the feel-good factor, improved mood, and excitement in love and sex. An animal study reveals low doses of anandamide can facilitate sexual behavior. Anandamide has also emerged as a potential treatment for delayed ejaculation and helps drive sexual activity. CBD also modulates the levels of anandamide in the body, thus, elevating the mood and happiness. It can, therefore, increase the emotional connectivity, closeness, and bonding between partners by enhancing the physical affinity.


3.    CBD Improves Libido

CBD can be used as an effective aphrodisiac. It can lower anxiety, stress, and depression, thus, improving the desire for sex. With the increase in the blood flow, it can stimulate arousal levels leading to more sex. It can also enhance foreplay and even lessen muscle strain to create comforting sensations for better performance. In women, CBD can promote relaxation of vascular muscles responsible for lubrication, heightened sensitivity, and blood flow to important areas thus, improving the libido.

4.    CBD Enhances Orgasm

The Remedy Review survey shows that 72 percent of men and 76 percent of women experienced a stronger orgasm after using CBD. The orgasm also lasted for a longer duration in 31 percent of men and 33 percent of women. The anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic property of CBD helps the users achieve greater sexual satisfaction. In the case of sexual dysfunction, CBD helps in alleviating pain during sex. It may ease penetration and relieve painful sexual intercourse that often results from vaginal dryness and irritation. Also, by reducing the negative self-image and performance-anxiety, CBD helps enjoy the whole process of physical togetherness.


Although ongoing researches are still deciphering the actual benefit of CBD, several anecdotal references show that the use of CBD improves the love life of regular users. But, before using CBD, you should keep in mind that CBD works differently on each person depending on their age, gender, and metabolism. Besides, the method of consumption and the proper dose is the key to attain the desired result. Most CBD products are labeled for the recommended dosages. But, if you are a new user, it is better to start with a low dose and then increase it as per your requirements.

CBD products don’t provide an instant effect, especially the edibles. Therefore, It is better to use it at least half an hour before going to the bedroom to enjoy the emotional and physical bonding with your partner. Remember, CBD is safe and allows you to personalize your sexual experiences. So, next time you think of bringing the charm back into your love life, use a little CBD for making your love life better.


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