Obaid Belresheed

Sometimes, the journey of entrepreneurship takes one in many unexpected directions. Building an empire isn’t linear, and going from point a to point b means a lot of stops along the way. Curious about where he could diversify, Emirati businessman and entrepreneur Obaid Belresheed looked to his expertise for building a strong foundation for his strategy. Well known throughout the UAE as a successful billionaire, OB discusses how he used his entrepreneurial acumen to expand his business into the conglomerate it is today.

Known as ‘OB,’ Belresheed’s entrepreneurial journey started in 1993 when he founded the Belresheed Group. With a sizeable organizational structure of 1,700 employees, his business extends into almost all industries worldwide. From real estate to building contracting, security services to auto deals, Obaid Belresheed is passionate about business and understands growth at its core, making him adaptable and successful in any industry.

“If you have a passion for business, you can apply that to any industry,” says OB. “You don’t have to be an expert in a particular industry or vertical. You hire them, and then you call the shots.” Trusted as someone who can make things happen, Obaid Belresheed applies the same principles regarding scale no matter what the industry. He explains, “Numbers are numbers, and vision can be applied everywhere. You have to have a passion for driving businesses. With that, you can take your business anywhere.”

Obaid Belresheed has a sharp mind, a keen business sense, and the ability to know a good deal when he sees one. “When it comes to an opportunity, I am all in. I am not afraid to bring fulfillment completely in-house,” explains OB. Coming from the legacy of the Emirati Family, Obaid Belresheed lives by exceptionally high standards, and he expects his businesses to deliver the same. “We do not cut corners,” says OB.

The most interesting part about OB is he believes business is about more than just money. It’s about people and trustworthiness, which is why he works with only the best out there. “You cannot build a sustainable business and diversify without trust,” says OB. “Keep your name synonymous with trust, and success will follow.” Conquering one industry after the next, Obaid Belresheed proves your reality is only as big as your dreams.

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