Are you ready to switch to an eco-friendly packaging solution? Let’s learn how to implement sustainable packaging. Here are some pointers on how to make the switch successfully.

Change things gradually

A switch to an eco-friendly packaging range requires some research into the best materials and manufacturing processes. You have to start by understanding what your definition of eco-friendly packaging is since there are no international standards.

Take a holistic approach and review your entire deck of products to work out what your take-away message will be to the consumer. Can you go plastic free? Can you use water based inks across all your products?  Aim for a consistent experience that is easy for consumers to understand.

Do your research

See what other leading brands have done for their eco-friendly packaging. Reference what materials they have used and what marketing message they have communicated. Use those references to find a vendor who has produced something similar and ask them for a quotation but using your branding.

The following factors should be considered:

Compatibility – Be sure that your packaging material is compatible with your products and local recycling regulations. Check whether your product can be displayed in the best possible way in the package. Does it fit well? Does it showcase your product properly? The ease of unpacking and removing items from the container should be among the questions you consider when choosing a supplier.

It is advised to consult companies with experience working in the niche. Wrapology has extensive experience in a wide range of industries including technology, jewelry, cosmetics, beauty, and fashion. Among their value propositions is to provide a consistent look and feel across multiple elements by making use of technologies, workmanship and materials matched to the brand. The prototypes and samples are tested before they are shipped.

Durability – Test the durability of the packaging. Try to recreate the conditions that a package would face during a typical delivery journey. A cautious approach may be to bend, push, or even throw the material to see how it performs and whether it protects the contents inside it or not. 

Weight and Size – The weight and size of your product can affect the shipping costs. The increment of only a few grams and inches can add up to your shipping costs. Be sure to choose packaging that’s spacious and durable enough to fit all the products, but is not too heavy to result in the increase of shipping charges dramatically.

Make sure your pricing is right

Your packaging could cost more than the shipping costs and materials if you decide on a more expensive type. When pricing your products, remember to account for the additional costs. Be sure you don’t lose too much money when you absorb the additional costs.

Order in small quantities

In particular, if you’re just starting out with a sustainable packaging vendor, this step is crucial. Assess the durability, customer response, and overall performance of the packaging materials by ordering small quantities.

You can gradually order more once you are completely familiar with the new packaging.



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