When pitching its services to clients, one major challenge that a digital marketing agency is often posed with is the question of WHY its services are needed when such a business owner could run his Google ads campaign by himself. There is no need for a digital marketing agency -particularly an experienced one- to get thrown off the loop by this very valid question because there are several reasons to defend the relevance of its service.

  1. Google ads are dynamic, this, in turn, alters Google ads management frequently.

With the dynamic nature of Google ads management, keeping abreast of its rapid and ever-evolving changes is very time-consuming. A business owner can even find himself wasting valuable money if he is not able to stay updated on the latest trends in Google ads. It is easier for digital marketing agencies to keep track of these changes.

  1. Having an existing relationship with Google is invaluable

One valuable asset of digital marketing agencies is that they already have an existing functional relationship with Google and have a single contact with direct access should the need arise. They are privileged to get faster support, routine training on new features, account reviews and optimization recommendations, and access to top-secret betas for new features (this usually impacts performance positively).

Even though there are Google support lines that you can contact, be sure that although you could have your questions answered by one of their rookies, you won’t get the kind of customized proactive support enjoyed by digital marketing agencies. You will also not have access to betas or accelerated response on issues.

  1. Data serves as a drive to better performance.

Digital marketing agencies have a wide range of data as a result of having dealings with clients locally and internationally. They could have clients who fall within the same scope as you across various locations and this would provide them with sufficient information to handle your campaign. They have already sorted out any foreseeable quirks in your industry, have a verified list of keywords, and know just what style of ads works best for you. You get to enjoy a campaign that is optimized from the get-go.

  1. Experience in Google ads management and advertising.

Digital marketing agencies know all the twists and tricks necessary for successful advertising and ads campaign. They know what it takes to achieve desired results in keyword research and page tracking among other things. They work with web pages, SEO, and social and can easily draw from their bank of experience to solve your problems. They are also familiar with the industry jargon.

  1. The question of time.

When business owners and employees try to manage their Google ads campaigns internally, it takes away precious time that should be invested in running the business. They ought to hire the services of a digital marketing agency so that they can have ample time to give the business all the attention it requires and even recover family time.

It is a wonder why a business would choose to not hire a digital marketing agency with such glaring merits attached.



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