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If you work in rough conditions, you need tools that are able to hold up to anything. Here are 4 things to look for to make sure your flashlight is as tough as you are.

ANSI Standard

The ANSI Standard is a voluntary rating method that some flashlight manufacturers use. These ratings provide clear technical details about the flashlights they produce. Flashlight manufacturing companies like Fenix that use the ANSI Standard are dedicated to providing their customers with comprehensive product details. The ANSI rating covers everything a buyer would want to know about a flashlight before making a purchase such as a beam distance, lumen output, battery runtime, and much more. Because there is no standard set of performance guidelines for flashlights, manufacturers who use the ANSI standard signal to the consumer that they’re serious about providing a high-quality product.

IP Rating

The IP rating tells consumers how protected a device is against liquid or solid elements and is made up of two numbers. The first number describes the level of protection against solids, such as dirt or dust, with 6 being the highest. The second number is the liquid or water resistance rating, with a max rating of 8. A flashlight with an IP68 rating offers the highest resistance to both dust/dirt and water.

The IP rating also tests how deep and how long a flashlight can be submerged in water. The length of time being tested for is generally set by the manufacturer, but the depth the flashlight is capable of should be included in the flashlight’s details.

Impact Resistance

To be certified impact resistant for a specific height, a flashlight rated using the ANSI Standard must survive at least six drops from that height. Having an impact resistance of 2 meters doesn’t mean your flashlight is guaranteed to break if it’s dropped from a greater height, but it might not survive repetitive drops. A flashlight made from high-quality materials is more likely to survive these falls. If you find a flashlight that has a high impact rating, it’s a good sign that the manufacturer used some heavy-duty materials. Fenix flashlights, for example, are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, special alloys, and performance plastics that are proven to withstand some of the harshest conditions.


If a company offers a warranty, it shows its commitment to its products’ manufacturing and performance. A warranty is a good sign that a company stands by its product and is committed to customer satisfaction. For some consumers, a flashlight is a serious investment. Having the protection of a warranty is a clear signal a flashlight will stand up to the conditions a company claims it will.

If your work or play puts your flashlight through a lot of impact, it pays to have a reliable flashlight that will hold up against anything. By using this guide you can shop with confidence knowing you’ll buy a high-quality and durable product.

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