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420FL: We Smoke Hard, We Hit Hard

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For years from college campuses to bars across this country the “sport” of Beer Pong has taken off.

It was just another way for people to get drunk, and have an excuse to do so. While the poison that is alcohol was in the forefront, the natural and actually medicinal marijuana was always in the background.

But as states all over the U.S. begin to either totally legalize pot, or at least make it available for medicinal purposes, the ingesting of marijuana has become less a dark shadowy thing and a lot more in the forefront.

For good reason too, as the lies that you have been told about how it is a “gateway” drug, or that it leads to criminal behavior, are finally becoming to be seen as just that, lies and the truth is finally getting out there. Here is the TRUTH about Cannabis, as per the 420FL.COM website, and well, just plain facts:

1. Cannabis has been used for THOUSANDS of years by humans for many reasons.

2. Humans are born with cannabis receptors in their body. AT BIRTH

3. Cannabis is a plant not a drug, The definition of drug does not fit the description of a plant.

4. Cannabis is the safest element to humans on earth by being the only substance on earth that humans can not overdose with.

5. Cannabis was not made illegal in 1937. the marijuana stamp act gave the government total control of the allowed growing of the plant.

6. The “Marijuana Stamp Act” was ruled unconstitutional in 1969.

7. The “Controlled Substance Act” placed cannabis as a “schedule 1 substance” with no medicinal value while the government was giving cannabis patients government grown cannabis for medicinal purposes.

8. Cannabis cures cancer.

9. The 9th amendment to the constitution ensures inalienable rights to the pursuit of happiness and personable responsibility to personal rights. The government cannot tell you what to eat, or ingest.

10. Nature can never be illegal.

With the wider-spread legalization of pot, it was only a matter of time until some great mind came up with a fun way to incorporate cannabis into a game, and now 420FL has done just that. Putting together the medicinal and recreational use of the plant with a game that has rules very similar to football, introducing the 420FL League.

According to the leagues website, this sport was created to bring the medical cannabis community together in a fun safe exciting way. The rules are simple but the game is hard.

Actually, the motto of the league is “We Hit Hard”.  No rookies are encouraged to play the sport. It’s not just a sport for the lungs, it’s a team sport. Teams of 4 to 6 players compete against other teams in a head to head smoking competition! It may be the very first sport ever where the losers of the competition are just as happy as the winners.

The rules are quite simple, but also quite innovative. I will not tell all here, but you can very quickly and easily learn everything you need to know from the website, 420FL.com.

The basic rule is this; each member of the team will smoke a hit, the longer you hold it in, the more yards you get. So if you can hold it for 30 seconds, you get 30 yards. But do not cough, if you do, that’s a penalty and you get zero yards.

There are a lot more rules, including extra points, blitzes and the use of time-outs. It is a brilliant game put together by some very sharp minds.

There are leagues forming all over the country, and the official leagues will have their own uniforms as well. The cannabis is supplied by the league at all sanctioned events.

It is also all about education as well, as it teaches people the truth about marijuana and what powers it really does possess. They even have a former NFL Player on board endorsing at, as hard hitting defensive back Tim McTyer is a part of 420FL and thrilled to be associated with them.

McTyer knows firsthand after years of playing football at the professional level, the kind of toll it can take on both your body and mind. He is also well aware of the healing effects of the plant, and makes no qualms about using it to help cure his insomnia, among other ailments.

Think about it, with one of the hot button topics in the NFL being the prevalence of head injuries, 420FL has come up with a way to utilize one of the best medicines for helping head injuries. Could there be a better marriage than the NFL and 420FL?

So before you all go out and buy those hideous red cups, and set up your table and fear for the fact that someone is going to overindulge and probably get violent or hurt, get your team of friends together and help yourself heal instead of hurt.

I urge you to check out 420FL.COM for yourself and see what it all about. I will tell you this, your days of beer pong will be long gone, and both your mind and body will thank you for it.


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