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Property rental in a city like Dubai comes with its challenges. The first step you can take to prepare yourself before talking to any landlord is to have the correct information. So here are the five best approaches for a hustle-free rental experience in Dubai.

1.  Search For Property Listings

Like any high-tech city, all you need to begin your rental process is an internet connection for an online search. You can check out several websites, but Bayut stands out when searching for Apartments in The Pearl and other parts of Dubai. The website features different residential properties such as:

  • Villas
  • Penthouses
  • Apartments
  • Residential plots
  • Hotels
  • Townhouses

Upon selecting the type of property you want, you can check out its descriptions.

2.  Choose a RERA-registered Real Estate Broker

If you decide to work with a real estate broker, your best bet is to find one that’s RERA-registered. They usually have a broker ID card and are knowledgeable enough to provide you with the vital information you need to make the right decision. Some of the details they should provide about the property include:

  • Number of baths and rooms
  • Annual rent
  • Furnished or unfurnished rooms
  • The specific location of the property

3.  Assess The Property on Multiple Visits

Your agent will help you set a date when you can pay a visit to the property. Before going on your first visit, list down the questions you’ll need to ask about the property. Try to stay relaxed and get rid of any nervousness; maybe take some vegan CBD gummies for anxiety to calm your nerves. Ideally, you need to reach the neighborhood early and look around closely. Remember, the devil lies in the details.

4.  Calculate the Rent With The Rental Calculator

Once you get some essential information about the best properties for you, it’s time to do some home. First, you want out if the rent is fair by using the official rental calculator. A rental calculator is a free tool that can help you determine the legal amount your landlord should charge for the property. You need information like:

  • Current annual rent
  • Location of property
  • Property type
  • Number of bedrooms

5.  Make Your Contract Legal By Registering With Ejari

The Arabic word Ejari means “my rent.” It is a platform launched in 2007 to regulate tenancy contracts in Dubai. Therefore, the contract with your landlord isn’t legally binding until you register it into the Ejari system.

Take your documents to any typing center and register your documents at a fee. Any deposits you make due to the contract must appear in your Ejari. Don’t forget to take your deposit receipt and keep your proof of ownership of the property, along with the landlord’s passport copy.


Whether you’re looking to rent an office complex, restaurant facility, warehouse, or living space, these five tips will help you get the best deals. They will ensure you experience the best accommodations the city has to offer at the right price.

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