Crazy Things You Must Try In Toronto

Wanting to spend the weekend doing something fun and unique? Have already tried parks and movies and clubs, but now you want something different? Toronto has a lot of interesting activities that you can do. For those who are brave of heart can try things like axe throwing and escape games or those who are more artistically inclined can try adult colouring or whiz night. You could also go to the Jazz festival that is held here. Go with your friends and get a Toronto limo service for a good time. You can go there together and come back safely after getting some drinks after the event.

Here is a cool list of five crazy things you must try in Toronto.

Segway tours

You may have gone on a walking tour or used a tour bus. But have ever gone on a Segway tour? If not here is your chance to try something new and awesome with the Segway tours. You get to hop on a Segway and zip through a distillery. You can either go on a normal tour or a ghost tour. There is a training session before the tour begins. It can last anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes depending on the package you choose. You go through a 14-acre riding area and explore the place while the guide tells you stories. Sounds fun right!

Cuddle parties

If you like cuddling or don’t like cuddling, this is something you must try. As crazy as it sounds, a cuddle part is defined as a safe space for adults so they can understand nuances of affection, boundaries and communication through non-sexual and friendly human touch. A party can be organised by people known as the facilitators who are certified by a non-profit organisation called Cuddle Party. You either enjoy the affection which is consensual and non-sexual or practice saying no. It is a social event where you can meet new people and a workshop to build confidence and gain support. The best part is you can attend in pajamas if you want!

The Rage Room

A frustrating week bothering you and you are just feeling angry inside? Release all the negative energy in The Rage Room. Smash things with objects like a baseball bat in an air-conditioned room. You could get a copy of your rage in action as a souvenir. You are in full protective gear as you go on a rampage for 45 minutes. However, you need to be over 18 years of age to do this.

Escape game

Casa Loma offers Escape Games that blends theatre with fiction and gaming. You can choose your adventure and explore tower, tunnels and dungeons and try to find a way out. It is an interactive game and you and your friends will love the excitement and adrenaline that comes with this. There are five games that are on offer within the castle and advance bookings are recommended. You need to escape the castle before you are out of time! You could also go to the medieval games and dinner after this with your friends and rent a Toronto limo service to transport your whole group for convenience.

Adult camp

There are quite a few adult camps near Toronto that are unique. You can head there for a weekend of fun and activities. These camps are specifically made for adults and also have elements that allow you to relive your younger days. There are classic features like cabins, bunks and talent shows interspersed with adult things like gourmet food and alcohol for breakfast. One camp allows you to participate in a simulated zombie invasion where you can practice your newly learnt defense skills!

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