Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you want to make this one unforgettable for your girlfriend. You know that she deserves something surprising and unique, and you feel like you’ve run through every gift idea in the books. If you’re feeling this way, you’re in luck! Here are five brilliant gifts that will leave your girlfriend speechless this Valentine’s Day.

1. Book a vacation.


Who wouldn’t want to get away on a romantic adventure? Your girlfriend will be impressed with your thought and the attention to detail that goes into planning a surprise trip. It’s up to you to decide if you want to go for a romantic and intimate getaway filled with wine tastings and spa dates, or something for the adventure seeker who craves an adrenaline rush like zip-lining and hiking. Give it some thought and be sure to choose the right place to make some memories.

2. Buy something sexy.


You might feel a little hesitant to buy your girlfriend lingerie for Valentine’s Day, unsure of what fit they like or the size they wear. If you’re reluctant, you can always get them a gift card to buy their lingerie. However, it’s definitely more special if you pick out the lingerie for her. When she opens the box she’ll know that you gave this thought, that this is what excites you, and it will add spice to your relationship. Even if it’s your first time buying sexy lingerie, she will be more than ready to put it on.

You can find lingerie for any body type, personal style, and size at Spicy Lingerie. They sell plus size lingerie, corsets, bras, thongs, lace teddies, and babydolls that your girlfriend will wear with confidence. Spicy Lingerie has any type of new lingerie your girlfriend or you could desire in a variety of colors and different fabrics. If you think your girlfriend would rather have sleepwear like robes or a panty set, they sell this for plus size women as well.

3. Compile your memories.


You can also make a scrapbook or memory box of some kind. There are many options for these handmade gifts. For example, you can make a scrapbook with your favorite pictures and memories together. If you got to concerts or movies, you could include these tickets in the scrapbook as well. You could also create a digital slideshow with these photos. The main point of this gift is to show your love to your girlfriend by remembering all of your moments together. Your attention to celebrating such a special occasion will leave your girlfriend happily thinking about all the wonderful moments you’ve shared.

4. Surprise her with jewelry.


If you want this Valentine’s Day to be a surprise, consider buying your girlfriend some extra special jewelry. Whether your girlfriend likes simple stones or flashy gems, this jeweler in Portland offers custom designs for rings and other pieces of jewelry so that you can get a one-of-a-kind piece at a great price. You can even build your ring or necklace on their site with whatever kind of diamond or gem your lady loves. Chinchar Maloney carries stunning emeralds, rubies, Montanna sapphires, and salt and pepper diamonds. If you’re having trouble choosing a piece of jewelry, their custom specialist jewelers will help you build your own for the perfect fit and style.

Be sure to take note of the kind of jewelry she wears. For example, notice if she wears necklaces, bracelets, or rings. Does she like delicately cut gemstones or sterling silver chains? Once you’ve scoped out what she loves, you can head to the jewelry store and make an informed choice. This way, you can buy a piece that she will feel comfortable wearing. No matter which type of jewelry you decide on from these Portland jewelers, your girlfriend will be elated.

5. Plan a night in.


Finally, consider surprising your girlfriend with a night in. If your girlfriend is more of a homebody, she’ll love a fun date night in. One idea is to make a movie marathon night for her. Get her favorite snacks, popcorn and candy, and watch your favorite movies together. You could also make her a meal she loves, or order takeout from the place she craves most. You can light candles and have a fancy dinner setting with flowers. There’s no doubt that your girlfriend will feel like she’s at a private movie theater or a five-star restaurant, all from the comfort of home.


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