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5 Good Tips to Follow When Buying Toy Guns For Kids

What were your favorite toys as kids? I’m sure that as a child, you were also a huge fan of toy guns, which are extremely fun to play with, role playing as cowboys or soldiers! Even adults get in on the fun, especially dads who want to play games with their little boys to reminisce about their younger years.

What’s great about today’s generation is that they have more toy gun selections to choose from! From different themes to ammo, you can surely find the right one that suits your child’s needs AND safety. But with the many toy guns out there, it gets confusing knowing which one to get.

So read on as I show you tips to buy toy guns for your kids!

Five Tips When Buying Toy Guns For Kids

There are more to consider when selecting a toy gun for your kid. It isn’t just about getting the top and a priciest toy gun, you also have to look into these factors:

  1. What Type of Gun to Choose

Did you know that there are many types of toy guns you can choose from for kids? Here are the following toy guns to consider, depending on the type of ammo and design your kid prefers:

  • Airsoft guns are a bit dangerous, meant for kids older than 16 years old. They fire low-velocity and non-lethal plastic pellets, which can travel at 150-600 feet per second!
  • Water pistols or guns are a safer and more fun choice for kids, which only shoot water without any safety hazards
  • Cap guns make loud noises, emulating the real type of gun. They’re made best for realistic role-playing, with smoke and sound effects but no ammo
  • Toy dart guns are softer and safer for kids, shooting out softer darts so it won’t inflict any harm
  • Laser guns are great for those who want to play at night with friends, as long as they don’t target it directly to their eyes!
  1. The Accessories It Offers

If you want to get value for the toy guns you pay for, you should get the complete package! Make sure that the toy guns are made of quality material but with everything, your kids need to start playing. Sure, the gun is exciting, but not as exciting unless there are a few more extras, especially with up gradable parts that make the shooting experience even better.

Look into toy guns that can be upgraded, or that comes with other accessories like bulletproof vests, helmets, extra ammo, magazines, and the like.

  1. You Child’s Age and Safety Features

This should be the top priority when selecting the best toy gun for your child. Remember, toy guns are still controversial because of the recent shootings and violence scare, so you’ll have to ensure that your child is old enough to understand the meaning of guns and violence. As much as possible, only gift your toy gun after he turns at least six years old.

Also, consider the safety features it offers, from the trigger and auto-locks. Make sure to educate them on where to shoot and how to stay safe.

  1. Ease of Use and Control

Another thing to consider is its ease of use and design. The toy gun you choose shouldn’t have all the unnecessary frills, which can be confusing to your child, resulting in accidents.

Make sure that you don’t only have something easy for your child to use, but something they can control to prevent them from hitting someone. Plus, no kid would want to hold a toy gun they don’t know how to operate!

  1. Construction and Durability

Getting a toy gun is a long-term investment for your kid, and knowing the younger generation, they end up hitting and breaking into things. They may bump their toy guns everywhere or drop it carelessly. Because of that, it’s crucial to get a toy gun made of strong material and construction to last for a long time of playing.

Also, consider getting toy guns that are easy to maintain and fix in case of any damage.

Wrapping It Up

There is still some controversy on whether or not you should buy toy guns for your children. However, with proper rearing and teaching them the limits of their weapons, they can enjoy without the dangers and hazards. Just make sure that you select the appropriate one and that they’re old enough to understand the concept of guns.

I hope these tips when purchasing toy guns for kids gave you an idea of what to get from them. So if you’re planning to get a toy gun, you can start your search with reputable companies like TacToys now!

Do you have any questions or want to share your tips on purchasing toy guns for kids? Then comment below, your thoughts are much appreciated!

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