Summer is the perfect time for relaxing and enjoying some time off. However, it also happens to be a great time to tackle some of your home maintenance jobs. The weather is much warmer, there’s less chance of any rain, and you’ve probably booked some time off from work, so there’re no excuses. Your home is the biggest investment you’re likely to make, so it makes perfect sense to look after it. Here are five maintenance jobs you should be doing this summer.

Indoor Summer House Cleaning

There are a wealth of summer cleaning chores you can tackle indoors when it’s too warm to sit out in the garden, or there are rain clouds in the sky. Summer cleaning chores include cleaning the refrigerator coils and the rubber gaskets in the doors. Clean your range hoods and over the stove microwave fans of accumulated grease as well as inner and outer surfaces. In the bathroom, clean the vent fans, drains, and showerheads.

Check Your Roof

It’s what protects your home from the weather and is the most exposed part of your home. Every year it takes a beating, so remember to check for cracked or loose tiles, slates or flashings and have any faults repaired immediately. The gutters should also be cleared of any leaf and twig debris. If you’re not too confident working at heights, there are plenty of reliable gutter cleaning companies you can call on for help.

Repair Your Woodwork

If your windows and doors are made from wood, it might be time to address any peeling paint, rot, and woodworm. You might need to treat, repaint, or stain outside windows and doors as this will extend their lifespan. It’s also going to make the exterior of your home look brighter. As well as any external doors, give your internal doors some love as well, with a deep clean, fill any holes and replace hinges that aren’t working well.

Fix any Plumbing Issues

How long has the faucet been leaking in your bathroom? When was the last time you had your boiler serviced? Insulating pipes and bleeding radiators are two more jobs that can be done in the summer before the winter comes and you need to have your heating switched on. Simple plumbing jobs such as fixing a leaking tap can be done by even a novice DIYer, but for more complex jobs, you’ll need to find a good plumber.

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Tidy up the Yard

There are lots of jobs you can do in the garden to get things ready for when it’s going to be used most. If you’re planning to spend long summer nights outside, get some outdoor lighting in place. For comfort and protection from pests, keep your grass regularly trimmed. Trim back plants, trees, and shrubs and don’t forget to weed your flower beds, paths, and walkways. To help the soil stay moist when the temperatures are rising, mulch your garden beds. Your plants will thank you and provide you with color all summer long.

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