Many states have given legal permission to both the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana. This has raised the curiosity level among people, which led to the rise of numerous questions by the consumers.

For instance, is it right to use any kind of CBD product during the working hours? It is a critical question which involves the working hours for the truck drivers or lengthy hours drivers.

With the wide emergence and legality of CBD products, it has gathered a huge space in the workplaces. Though, the news reports are coming constantly on the companies charging or penalizing truck drivers for the consumption of CBD products during the working hours. This recurrent news is still raising the question – “Can truck drivers use CBD oil”?

What about CBD oil?

The first thing which is crucial to consider is that it must be noted that CBD oil usage doesn’t work like the same way as emitting pot or consuming THC content edibles.

CBD oil contains a very low content of THC, which remains somewhat under 0.3%. Therefore, CBD oil is not considered as a substance which turns into any kind of psychoactive effect.

In simple words, it means that CBD consumption won’t lead to any “high effect” and also won’t be giving any contribution towards the rise of certain symptoms such as dry mouth, dizziness, or anxiety (these are the most common symptoms which arise after the consumption of marijuana).

The products which are made with CBD content such as CBD oil holds a less amount of THC. CBD oil is also regarded as a magical remedy to treat certain health conditions such as relieving severe pain. Truck drivers are prominently considered to have health problems such as lower back pain which arise as an occupational menace. With the modified and changing rules, it has become helpful for truck drivers for getting relief from the CBD oil apart from other medications.

Though, the question arises – Is there any risk on their occupation while consuming CBD oil?

Can truck drivers use CBD oil?

This question doesn’t have a simple answer. In terms of technical facts, it can be said that the answer to this question is standing between both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ alternatives. Truck drivers can consume CBD oil, but it is important to make prior information to the employer or management staff. This prior information should be given before the mandatory tests conducted related to drugs to check whether a truck driver is using CBD oil or not and what is the purpose behind its usage!

Anyhow, it is a major fact that the rules and regulations are different among the several states or nations. For instance, CBD products including CBD oil stands in a legal position in the regions of Nevada or Oregon for both recreational as well as medicinal usage. On the other hand, the regions of Nebraska, South Dakota, and Idaho put a ban on CBD products and it is illegal to consume CBD oil over there.

Moreover, truck drivers come into the category of ‘federally constructed workers.’ When looking deep down into the federal conduct of law, marijuana is regarded as a modulated drug, knowing the fact that several states consider it under the legal category.

Every truck driver needs to completely abide by the code of conduct stated by federal law. In simple words, it means that when standing in a drug test, it is necessary to pass it. In addition, it is important to note that the consumption of marijuana or any other related products should not be promoted, knowing the fact that the product is completed based on CBD content.

The consumption of CBD oil by the truck drivers can make them fall into a huge risk for their occupation.

Let’s get into more briefs about the hemp-derived oil

Hemp-derived oil is not recorded with any content of THC. On the other hand, it doesn’t even show any percentage of cannabinoids in its content. In the food industry, it is a largely used product. It is regarded as entirely safe for consumers in any kind of job or occupational work.

Does CBD oil result in a positive response during the time of drug test?

It is a matter of fact that even after the claim that CBD oils are completely pure and contain no THC value, it is possible that not all the THC value can be 100% eliminated from the CBD oil. Even in the CBD isolate which are considered as the “purest form” contain a low level of THC. In simple terms, it means that there could be a positive response in the drug test even with the consumption of CBD oil for any kind of medicinal benefits.

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